Album Review: Hate Unbound- Plague

Our friend Joni from Inverse Records (Finland) has been digging us lately, so he pitched us another band. These guys are fine tuning their craft a little closer to home (not that geography matters) and we’re loving them.

Meet Hate Unbound from Detroit, Michigan. They’ll be releasing their new record, Plague on February 17th, but your pals at The Metal got their greedy little hands on it early.


From a completely objective standpoint, Plague seems to play out in 2 acts. “Act I” (tracks 1-5) comes across as a heavy, aggressive and devastating segment with low end guitars, lots of dissonant death metal style crunch and gnarly, gritty textbook death/thrash vocals, while “Act 2” (tracks 6-10) seems to have a more melodic edge, complete with tasty guitar harmonies (almost the likes of Iron Maiden at times), triumphant sounding chord progressions, hooky thrash riffs with tons of alternate picking; not to mention harsh vocals that take a lower, consistent and more distinctive tone.

The opening track “Baptized in Lies” enticed me immediately. It’s so angry and powerful, yet beautiful in its structure. There are also two shorter solos on the track that make for perfect segways between parts, without all the overdrawn helpings of distracting flash present on so many other albums. Other tracks like “Burn Your Idols” or “Soiled” hit with a similar ferocity, while later tracks like “Grey Skies”, really put the lead guitar front and center, making for more of a melodic death/thrash release that just tends to lean closer to the darker, heavier end of the spectrum.

Hate Unbound credit innumerable bands as their major influences, ranging from Death to Lamb of God. But in an effort to narrow things down for you, I can’t help but compare them to all my favorite death or thrash metal bands. Fans of anything “death” or “thrash” in the true sense of said subgenres should appreciate Hate Unbound. I hear a lot of Soreption, Battlecross, Death Angel, Venom, At The Gates, Slayer, Cattle Decapitation, Nile; alright, I guess I failed to narrow things down. It looks like you’ll just have to decide for yourselves. Below, I’ll post the opening track I mentioned earlier, “Baptized In Lies”:

Also, please note: Hate Unbound will be touring this April, so be on the lookout in your hometown:


Hate Unbound are:

Guitar – Daryl Mitchell,
Vocals – Art Giammara
Guitar – William, Cundiff,
Bass – Sean Demura,
Drums – Franklin Hannah

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, Buffalonians. We’re expecting to review plenty of local metal releases this year. But in the meantime, keep checking out the awesome bands on Inverse Records and let us know if we’ve gotten you into any new artists! Thanks for reading!


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