Upcoming Metal in 2017

I’m assuming not many people will read this on Super Bowl Sunday, but since I don’t care at all about the overpaid jocks and their pigskin, let’s talk about what local releases we can look forward to this year!

After the mass inquiry I made to the scene yesterday, I got quite a few titles and “theorized works” sent back to me by many awesome Buffalo/Rochester bands. Some I can talk about and some I can’t, so in the meantime, I think it’s safe to say that “Upcoming Metal in 2017” will be a recurring piece.

To start things off, let’s get a few obvious ones out of the way:

  1. DredneksBeast of Boredom (officially released Saturday, 2/4/17)


I’m listening to this one right now actually. My favorite thing about this record is its “replayability”. It’s hard to lose interest in any one song, let alone the entire release, so if you like Dredneks and you haven’t heard this one, pick it up! If you’re unfamiliar with the group, think of putting bluegrass, country, rock, metal and folk all in a blender, then just letting the chips fall where they may.

2. I’m from the Government and I’m Here to HelpDamage Control, to be released this summer.


I took the liberty of designing their album cover. Thom and I go way back to playing shows together at Rane Party Bar with no PA in our old bands in 2012, so he might not be too upset. It’s highly unlikely that any of you reading this will be completely new to Govt, but just in case you are, it’s fresh thrashy metalcore with tasty licks and crunchy grooves. Click here to check out their previous releases.

3. Mass Casualty- Preparing the Dead


We ran our first ever awards series last year and Mass Casualty won “Best Death Metal Band 2016”, so you should know what you’re in for on that alone. These guys kick it old school, with no amateur breakdowns or “filler”. Check out their lyric video for “Drilled Through the Neck” and if you love bands like Seplophile or Order of the Dead, you’re going to be THRILLED with a Mass Casualty full length. Also, HUGE shoutout to Chad Grant from Mass Casualty for putting together this summer’s Buffalo Metal Festival.

4. New music coming out from Hallucination Realized, Street Feet and Human Dissention.

Grindcore pros, Hallucination Realized (Rochester) and Street Feet (Binghamton) are joining forces to put forth a brand new split, while war metallers, Human Dissention plan on doing the same, as well as an EP in 2017. Be prepared for more “powerviolence” from these 3 insane acts in the months to come.

5. THEATRE NOCTURNE. Remember Theatre Nocturne? Well, they’re returning to the stage later this year at an undisclosed venue, on an undisclosed date, under a new undisclosed name. Rob Palumbo is on vocals now (you already knew that) and there is a new undisclosed guitar player in the mix, playing opposite Erik. There. Wasn’t that so informative?


There’s so much more to talk about, but we just don’t have the clearance level necessary to do so. So, for now, keep your eyes peeled for the aforementioned releases and stay tuned for future announcements!



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