More Upcoming Metal in 2017

This list is far from complete, but I think stretching it out is important. I’d like the impending onslaught of local metal releases for 2017 to feel as overwhelming as possible. We’ve got 5 (technically 6) more to talk about in this article:


  1. Pollock– Hallowed: The Absence of Light (the first of three EPs)


It’s been a few years since the last Pollock release, but the band is hoping to have their new record out sometime later this year (summer-ish). For those who don’t know, these guys have a lot going on musically. Pollock have an intense blended sound, fusing hard rock, metal, a little bit of prog and tarot. Check out a video/song from the forthcoming EP entitled, “Carnival”. The band was kind enough to bring Vick and I in for the shoot, so see if you can spot us.

2. Murder City OutlawsPeople Are the Worst


MCO will finally be releasing their new album on April 28 at Mohawk Place. These guys fuse punk, thrash and metal to make high intensity songs that pound the listener into submission. Check out their previous releases here. This will also be MCO’s first album with Mike Zamerski on bass and backing vocals.

3. Under the Black– debut demo/EP


The boys in Buffalo’s new band of pirates (feat. former members of Three Minutes of Hate, Contagious Woo, Fireborn and One’s Own Blood) have assured us that they will be releasing something this year. I’ve already heard a demo track which they’ll be debuting at Stamps…the bar this Saturday at Pollock’s Masquerade Ball. It’s all that and a bag of STEEL, so if you’re exciting to check these guys out, make sure you’re at that show!

4. TL Crew (The Masked Promoter’s brainchild, if you will)- benefit album for Dale Hinz


If you were at the Dale Hinz Benefit Show, then you know what TL Crew is all about. They’ll be recording some throwback Thoughts Lost tunes later this year, the proceeds of which will be used to help Dale Hinz and his family (click to donate).

5. Anthropic– debut demo/EP


Brian Pattison’s new grind band is ready to debut live May 20 at The Concert for Jennifer Rinaldo. They recently acquired Steve Rzepka (Baphomet) on bass and will be destroying stages near you for what we can only hope will be years to come.

Furthermore, on a sidenote, our friends in The Crypt (boss metalcore from Delevan, NY) will be putting out a new single in the weeks to come. It’s called “Apocalyptic Dead” and from what we understand, it’s completely different from anything the band has released before. They’ll be debuting that tune at The Metal Webzine’s 2nd Birthday Bash, so if you’re ready for more material from those guys, as well as Mass Casualty, Anabasis, Darkapathy and Dethlehem, be at that fucker!

Check out a tune from all 5 bands on our birthday show below:

That’s going to wrap things up for now. We’ll be back with more word on new local jams VERY SOON! Also, keep an eye out today or tomorrow for a VERY special announcement concerning your friends, Mike Marlinski, Vick Sacha and Mike Deitzman. Take care!


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