Album Review: BreakFace (Self-titled)


Back in 2015, the guys in BreakFace hooked up with Jim Nickles (Shredly Studios, Hellcannon) to release their self-titled full length album. Unfortunately, they disbanded shortly afterwards, but the album has just recently been pressed, printed and released to The Metal Webzine for review! We couldn’t be happier to be talking about this band again and helping to resurrect this awesome music.


If you’re unfamiliar with the band, BreakFace is an extremely heavy, groove oriented death metal band from Buffalo, feat. Chad Grant on vocals (Mass Casualty). Think Soreption meets Six Feet Under meets Devil Driver. Back in my days as a guitarist, my old band, Aspired Infliction played with these guys on a few occasions. I fucking love this band and was so stoked when this disc was handed to me by their original drummer, Josh Enright (Mass Casualty).


Chad Grant’s vocals are ridiculous on this album. His range is killer, complete with amazing gutturals, crazy mids and highs, along with tasteful spoken word. The riffs are the kind of “simple/heavy” you’d expect to hear on any Soreption or Sepultura album, and the entire album just grooves and crushes skulls simultaneously from start to finish. For me personally, this is GREAT driving music.


An official release date for this album in its physical form is unknown and only a few tracks are available online. That being said, I’m going to leave you with a song called, “Dr. Rao” and allow it to speak for itself:

Follow the links above and stay tuned for a full release of this record and a possible farewell show. Trust us. YOU NEED BOTH.

BreakFace were:

Chad Grant- Vocals

Mike Ziolkowski- Guitar

Eric Guido- Drums

Ken Sokolowski- Bass



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