Who You’re Not Listening To: Winterhymn

Winterhymn are simply fantastic. As a 6-piece metal outfit comprised of musicians who are beyond exceptional, they offer a unique blend of black, power, folk and symphonic metal to their ever growing audience. Their most recent album, Blood and Shadowreleased on June 17, 2016, is yet another inspiring testament to their already sterling catalog of songs. Proudly dubbing themselves, “Cold-Blooded American Pagan Metal”, Winterhymn of Cincinnati, Ohio are any folk metal fan’s dream come true.


Avid listeners of Amon Amarth, Immortal, Ensiferum, or even Eluveitie should be able to fully appreciate what Winterhymn are doing. In fact, if you come to find yourself loving these guys as much as we do, be on the lookout for a Buffalo date to appear on their list of upcoming shows. I’ll be working hard to bring them our way.

Blood and Shadow is their 2nd full length, following up their debut from back in 2011, Songs for the Slain. Both albums are truly works of art in the realm of fantasy metal, pulling from a variety of influences and catering to diverse audiences with their extremely rich, dynamic sound.


Winterhymn are:

Draug – Vocals/Guitar
Exura – Keyboards
Umbriel – Violin
Valthrun – Drums
Alvadar – Bass/Vocals
Varrik – Guitar

Before your mind even goes there, please don’t let this arsenal of instruments discourage you. We can assure you that none of the violin or keyboard sections can be considered “minor filler” on any of their tracks. Each element of this band’s signature sound is fully utilized throughout their releases and are all equally responsible for Winterhymn being Winterhymn.

My top tracks on Blood and Shadow are:

  1. Blood on the Moon
  2. Dream of Might
  3. Legacy in Flames
  4. The Wolf’s Head

Check out their BRAND NEW video for “Dream of Might” below, released just last week:

Again, if you like what you’re seeing and hearing, stay tuned for more updates concerning Winterhymn. We’ll be following them very closely in the months (hopefully years) to come. Thanks for reading!



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