20 Reasons to Attend Buffalo Metal Shows


I did one of these last year and it got a ton of shares. I’m not sure how well it helped out show attendance, but I’m on a kick with that, so I’m going for it again. Here are 20 reasons I think YOU should start checking out local Buffalo metal shows:

1. Abyance

Young thrash metal at its finest. They have two EPs you need: Age of Darkness  and Parallels and Introspection. You won’t believe their sound considering the young age range here.

2. Anthropic

Scene veterans getting together to bring grindcore back to its roots. Think Napalm Death, etc. They debut live on May 20 at Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon.

3. Cain

3-piece thrash worthy of praise. These guys put on a killer live show and sound ridiculously full for only having 3 members. Think Slayer, Death Angel, old Metallica, etc.

4. Circus Grenade

Sludge with harsh vocals that you need to hear. These guys have a ridiculously driving, punishing sound that doesn’t get old, despite the uniformity of their genre. Great stage presence as well.

5. Darkapathy

More death/doom/sludge style material. Scene veterans keeping things low and heavy for your enjoyment. Their latest album, Condemened In Black is a must listen.

6. Diceros

Metalcore with thrash roots. These guys bring it like Lamb of God and Unearth did in the mid 2000s. Very driving, fresh material.

7. Dredneks

These guys are everything and more. Fusing bluegrass, country, folk, metal and rock, their latest album, Beast of Boredom must be heard to be believed.

8. GAWD (Greatness and World Domination)

More metalcore infused with thrash. Think old school Metallica meets Demiricous. Now armed with a new drummer and currently seeking out a stand alone vocalist, you’d be wise to keep an eye on them.

9. Hubris

True black metal, the likes of which is rare in these parts. If you’re a fan of the Norwegian classics, Hubris isn’t a band to sleep on.

10. I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help

Very original sounding metalcore, fused with bits of thrash and straight up hardcore. They’re currently writing their 3rd release, Damage Control and the riffs just keep getting more and more violent (but still hooky). Powerful stuff.

11. Inertia

Very unique and experimental death metal. Fans of Origin, Necrophagist, or Beyond Creation will appreciate them.

12. Mass Casualty

Traditional death metal with great hooks and an authentic sound. These guys won Best Death Metal Band 2016 in our metal awards last year, receiving over 400 votes. Brutal stuff. They’re not reinventing the wheel, but they’ve got it where it counts.

13. Orius

Power metal rich with classic Swedish style riffing. Think Cellador meets Protest the Hero meets old school In Flames. A very talented and unique bunch.

14. Pollock

Progressive dark rock with metal roots. Think Tool meets Katatonia. Their new EP Hallowed: In the Absence of Light needs to be on your download wish list.

15. Prepare for the Mindscan

Authentic grindcore with brutal vocals and lots of classic sci fi/conspiracy themes. Great live show with a cutting edge, no nonsense sound.

16. Seplophile

More true death metal from Buffalo, following in the footsteps of Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation. Combined with Mass Casualty, they bring enough of this classic genre to accommodate the whole city. The best part is, those two are not even close to being the only great death metal bands in town.

17. The Crypt

More classic metalcore with an extremely original spin. Diverse array of vocals (clean and harsh from three members), genre defining clean and distorted riff transitions and a powerful catalog of tunes. Not many people know about these guys, but they’ve got an EP and full length already out to back themselves up.

18. The Last Reign

I know what you’re thinking- that pompous piece of shit included his own band. Yes, it’s true, I’m the vocalist of The Last Reign, but do yourself a favor and tune out the vocals this time around. I’ve said time and time again that if I wasn’t in this band, they’d still be in my top 3, locally. If you wish In Flames still sounded like In Flames, or that At the Gates would release another Slaughter of the Soul, or that melodic death bands wouldn’t be too elitist to throw in some mosh, check out The Last Reign (musically!).

19. The Long Cold Dark

Do you like Gojira? Do you like Machinehead? Do you like old school Metallica? Check out TLCD and hold on tight. It’s a bumpy road to HEAVYTOWN, USA.

20. Weaponex

Easily my favorite prog band in New York State (that I’ve heard). Mike Willard (guitar/vocals) is one of the most talented dudes in our scene and both his vocal and fretboard skills will wow you. Bassist, Dan Behrens (local chiptune god) and drummer, Larry Steele aren’t exactly slouches either. Check em out!

If you’d care to complain about all the bands I left off this list, feel free. The whole point of this was to show off the fact that this is ONLY 20 of the amazing bands around here that you have to choose from when integrating yourself into our great metal scene. I’ll be back with more soon, but for now, check out all 20 of these bands and be sure to write me a detailed Thank You card, explaining why I was wise to turn you onto these artists. Ta ta for now!



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