A Tribute to Dennis Glinski (No, he’s not dead, you idiots.)


Yesterday, Darkapathy announced that Dennis has chosen to leave the band on good terms, and while I’m glad things didn’t end with bad blood, I can’t help but write this piece out of respect (then I swear, I’ll drop it). Dennis is easily one of my favorite people in the scene and without a doubt, my all time favorite death metal vocalist to come out of Buffalo.


From children’s books, to custom horror toys, to original horror comics, to sick gutturals, to being an all around amazing dude to sit down and have a conversation with, Dennis is the complete fucking package. Sure, I’m bummed that Darkapathy is without their powerhouse at the front of the stage, but I’m also focused on the man, the myth and the legend as a whole- a man who is drifting further away from the scene with each passing day and it breaks my heart. Last year, when Darkapathy played The Metal’s 1st Birthday Bash, he gave me a fucking custom Darkapathy pinball game with our fucking logo on it. I almost cried. Fuck it, I did cry- are you serious?

On another note, as long as they remain a band (and even after they disband), my love for Darkapathy will remain. However, this is one of those moments where I have to talk some shit to those seeking the vocalist position with these guys. The shoes you have to fill are FUCKING MASSIVE. Dennis’s vocals carry more steel than a lake freighter traversing the Great Lakes of North America. ONLY THE LOWEST LOWS WILL SUFFICE, and in the immortal words of Greg DiPasquale, “Now, get to work!”


In conclusion, let’s check out the heartbreaking open letter from Dennis to his fans:

“An open letter to fans and friends of Darkapathy – this has been a hard decision to make but do to personal/private reasons I have left the band. Doing shows and recording the 2 CDs has been a dream come true. You guys have been so cool! And it comes with a saddened heart that this journey has ended for me. Thank You for the years of FUN!

“Nate, Sam and Jay are great guys and I wish them the best of luck, as they will be continuing the band. Nate will be taking over as moderator of this page and I’m sure he’ll have answers as to the future of Darkapathy as there will be a future, just without me on vocals.”


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