Rochester Looks Damn Good Right Now

What’s up, it’s your boy The Masked Promoter, aka “The Worlds Slightliest Attractive Man”, aka “My Aunt’s Favorite Nephew”, aka “The funny fat guy from the Pollock promo videos”, AKA “the WORLD’S MOST INCREDIBLE DOOR GUY”.
Things have definitely changed in my articles, as I’m not immediately pointing out all your flaws as bands or as an audience.  I promise I’ll get back to that shit asap. Lord Satan knows you need me chastising you. But first, let me tell you that I love Buffalo’s music scene. I readily admit to being biased like a motherfucker, and I truly believe we have some of the best bands compared to ANYBODY’S scene right now. Whether you’re into rock, death metal, grind, metalcore, hardcore, alternative, thrash, hip hop, doom, melodic death metal, female fronted bands… and the list goes on, I truly feel our scene is strong with talent and talent-wise, we can compare and/or best anybody’s city.

But, we talk about Buffalo bands a lot. Today I wanna point out some really killer bands just a few miles down the road from us in Rochester, NY. Guys, Rochester is coming up STRONG with talent right now. It’s fuckin’ amazing. I can only think that it’s probably ALWAYS been this way out there, and I just hadn’t seen it.

While Order Of The Dead absolutely flies that death metal flag proudly, there’s a helluva groove attached to their punishing riffs and guttural vocals. You can bang out head til it damn near snaps off. These guys stand out a lot, and in doing so, they can play with like-minded death metal bands, or play with Havok, or Unearth, or Metal Church, and it all makes sense. Very powerful band, excellent live show, AND the music sounds good on CD OR streaming. Definitely a band you should see, and see often.

2. REPS (short for Representatives)

I just recently found these dudes via Facebook. HOOOOLY SHIIIT. It’s got some groove to it, real pit inducing old school hardcore vibe. It reminded me of old Snapcase, ETID, and Satisfaction era Hatebreed.. After listening to their entire new record Poisoned Youth, I see big BIG BIG things over the course of the next year or so with these guys.

Gutted Alive is a fuckin brutal death metal band. There is not a single ounce of pretension or fucks given. They’re also slowly becoming my favorite band in either Rochester or Buffalo.  Super heavy. For fans of brutal fucking death metal. I shouldn’t have to explain much further. If you’ve yet to see this band live, do so… DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

Plagues of Endeavor are a melodic metalcore band. They bring to the table really strong musicianship to a scene (if i’m being completely honest) that doesn’t always show a lot of musicianship, good or bad. A lot of bands in that scene tend to “phone it in”, so to speak. Plagues of Endeavor do not. These young guys have really solid riffs, great vocals, and actually interesting lyrics. This is yet another band I suggest you see live, as they have a certain presence in their live show that’s missing in their respective genre.

Yeah, I’m just gonna keep this to 4 bands right now. I know the captain over at The Metal, has some more Rochester inspired goodness to shed light on, but these are my top 4. Goddamn, way to go, Rochester. These bands make me want to seek out what else you have to offer in your scene.

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