20 Reasons to Check Out the Rochester Metal Scene

This was a bitch and a half to put together, but I had fun doing it- all that matters, right?

One of the big issues we have here on “Buffalo’s Metal Blog” is that we never give our “sister scene” (or brother scene, if “sister” doesn’t sound metal enough) any limelight. I’m talking about the kick ass metal scene of Rochester, NY.

Just like our beloved scene here in Buffalo, Rochester’s isn’t one to be fucked with or overlooked in any capacity. Here are just 20 reasons we think Rochester is ALWAYS worth the trip:

1. Aggressive Betty

Diverse metal band with plenty of kick. For fans of Pantera, Slipknot, Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold.

2. Ancalagon

Melodic black metal. For fans of Malformed, Cthulu, Nokturnal Hellstorm, Order of the Dead.

3. Blurring

Teeth grinding grindcore. For fans of Immortal Terror, Assuck, Napalm Death.

4. Desekrator

Blackened death/thrash metal. For fans of Emperor, Deicide, Carcass.

5. Gates of Paradox

Killer power metal. For fans of Mercyful Fate, Lost Horizon, 3 Inches of Blood

6. Gutted Alive

BRUTAL death metal. For fans of….BRUTAL FUCKING DEATH METAL.

7. Hallucination Realized

Death/grind for fans of Excruciating Terror, Assuck. Former members of Human Dissention.

7. Human Dissention

Death/grind/black metal. They’re no longer playing shows but still plan to release a split this year. For fans of all black/war metal.

9. Into the Harbor

Metalcore with cleans and screams. For fans of Fit For a King, Chelsea Grin, Volumes.

10. Living in Daydreams

Progressive metal. For fans of Periphery, Montel Jordan and Issues.

11. Mavradoxa

Atmospheric black metal. For fans of Windir, Hubris, Enthauptung, Darkthrone, etc.

12. Nokturnal Hellstorm

“Ripping” black metal. For fans of Emperor, Darkthrone, Burzum, Gorgoroth.

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13. Order of the Dead

DEATH METAL. For fans of Deicide, Goatwhore, Revocation. These guys are true titans in their scene- capitalizing on most national shows in the area since 2009.

14. Plagues of Endeavor

Metalcore/Melodic hardcore. For fans of August Burns Red.

15. REPS

Hardcore/Soul rock/Groove metal. For fans of “Life”, metal, hardcore, “’90s R and B”

16. Saints and Winos

“Bluesy, doomy, thrashy metal”. For fans of Black Sabbath, The Obsessed, Pentagram.

17. Sustruga

Killer technical death metal. For fans of Origin, Beyond Creation, Nile, etc.

18. The Highest Leviathan

Heavy as fuck doom/sludge metal. For fans of The Zombies, Russian Circles, Sleep

19. Tyranitar

Bardic metal with axes, longboats and all. For fans of Amon Amarth, Kings of Asgard, etc.

20. Unborn Society

Metalcore and djent as fuck. For fans of Within the Ruins, Periphery, Meshuggah.



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