The Suicide of Suicide Silence

I’ve been waiting to tangent about this new Suicide Silence “thing” for a few months now, and I suppose I decided to wait, primarily, for two reasons: 15% goes to waiting for album sales stats to come out, the other 85% is sheer procrastination and lack of motivation. But the stats are in now, so I guess that means it’s time.

According to MetalSucks, Suicide Silence’s album sales are down almost 70% from their last release, “You Can’t Stop Me”; they didn’t even break 5,000 copies within it’s first week. Fucking yikes.

*Throughout the duration of my typing, I’ll have their full album on stream, so I can say I’ve legitimately heard it, and whether it legitimately sucks or not. All asterisks are my immediate responses. I probably won’t edit this too much, just so you can get my opinions in the order I have them. It’ll be messy, but you’ll forgive me. 

There’s no doubt that SS has earned their place in “The Big Four of Deathcore”, alongside Whitechapel, Carnifex, and either Chelsea Grin or Oceano (whoever you give more fucks about). The Cleansing always found it’s way onto my car’s stereo, but with lyrics like “Pull the trigger bitch!” and “Where is your fucking God?”, how could 19 year old me resist blasting that around town? I don’t think Suicide Silence could ever beat the brutality and power that album had. No Time To Bleed was close, but you’re going to miss when you initially set the bar that high, isn’t that right, Black Crown Initiate?

There’s no doubt that Mitch Lucker WAS Suicide Silence. (And you know your band must be ass if it’s not in the Metal Archives.) Between those pipes and that stage presence, Lucker was an icon. His untimely death was a tragedy, and that’s why you don’t drink and drive, you fucking dweebs.

*I am not even a minute into it and those cleans come out. Holy fuckballs, Eddie’s clean singing is fucking atrocious. And I’m not saying that because I’m not a huge fan of clean singing anymore, it is completely awful. And his screams are awful too! What the fuck happened!? Eddie was absolutely phenomenal in All Shall Perish. It sounds like he’s straining, AND THERE’S SO MUCH AUTOTUNE. WHY. 

*I am onto the second track and I am beginning to think I heard heavier songs at that Pain of Salvation show a couple weeks back. Why is he laughing? Is this really how the release is going to go? I get not wanting to be a deathcore band anymore, I don’t think anyone over 35 should be playing in a deathcore band. But if you’re going to change the sound of a project, why not just do a name change? 

Lucker left massive shoes to fill, and when the reality of that situation set in, it was hard to believe that Suicide Silence was even going to continue as a project. And if they did, it was surely going to happen under a different name.  They did this huge memorial show with guest vocalists ranging from Jonny Davy of Job For a Cowboy to Randy Blythe of Lamb of God. It was so beautiful, it almost brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

*Jesus Christ, when “they” said it was like a Korn/ Deftones rip-off, I thought they might be joking. I was wrong, very wrong. I can’t remember if I’ve heard a solo yet? I’ve heard a lot of boring riffs and no breakdowns, and a ton of mediocre singing. THERE’S SO MUCH CLEANS. Is this song all cleans? 

But then word dropped that Eddie Hermida had basically abandoned All Shall Perish to replace Lucker (from what I remember, the ASP guys were not happy). And that’s dope for SS, because Eddie slayed in ASP. But that sucks for ASP, because I’m pretty sure they haven’t recovered from that loss, and haven’t released anything since.

*I think I have found one song that actually showcases Eddie’s ability as a vocalist on this album. Too fucking bad it’s already halfway through, and there’s still fucking autotune. All of these solos are weak as shit. 

*I feel like I’m listening to the worst Deftones album never released. 

*How many mushrooms does one need to eat to compose an album like this? 

To be fair, I haven’t given a shit about Suicide Silence since like.. 2010? I dunno. I just lost interest in the deathcore thing once I started stumbling onto more technical bands. But I just wanted to know what all of this, er, anti-hype, was about. There’s been ALOT of shit talk on both sides of this release; fans have been blowing up comment feeds about how unnecessarily awful this album is, and some of the members of the band have been spewing back retorts about not caring about the fans.

Which brings me to this: I totally understand wanting to use creative license and experiment with a newer sound, but when your response to negative comments is “We don’t care about the fans/what they want”, who’re you going to be selling your music to then? To me, it looks like too many people in this band have gotten too big for their britches. I suppose I just don’t get this new “fuck the fans” attitude. It just seems far too callous for a band whose following have gotten them to where they are.

*The album is still on, but I have tuned it out entirely. I think there’s still 15-20 minutes left, but I’m all out of fucks. Though, I do wonder why they didn’t just do this album under a separate project name? 

I think the “if you don’t like it, don’t listen to/buy it” attitude is counter-productive, isn’t it? I can’t imagine that SS’s *IS THAT FUCKING WHISTLING?!* main goal is solely to make music anymore, and I’m willing to bet that the income from the band is the guys’ primary source of income. So what happens when album sales tank? As they already have? I dunno, maybe I’m rambling now. I’m not even too sure any of this makes sense anymore.

The album is over, and I have survived. But this sound is not what I ever foresaw in the future of deathcore legends, and I think this is the beginning of the end of their enormous popularity. Of course, I am no oracle, and I see no futures. But I believe, that if they keep on in this direction, their fan base will further disintegrate and the Suicide Silence name will be forced to retire.

I can only hope that Lucker hasn’t been rolling in his grave this entire time.




































































*I can legitimately say that I’d rather listen to that infamously horrible St. Anger than this. You guys talk so much shit about that album but pop this trash on, and then we can talk.


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