The State of ‘The Metal’ Address

Don’t be surprised if I skip over a lot of “key mentions” with regard to our scene in this piece. I’ll be talking about everything foremost on my mind.

First, I still can’t fucking believe Tony Lorenzo died earlier this month. The sultan of strings, the ruler of riffs, the man, the myth, the fucking legend and most importantly, a master of motivation; he was all those things to me and so much more. Everything he went through after the incident, and the way he kept his suffering hidden from the world- the way he continued to inspire others, along with motivating himself to get back on stage- it’s important that we ensure that none of that work was done in vain.

Second, everyone pay attention to Brian Butch Hulin’s “big announcement”. He’s doing something we all give a shit about very soon. You care about this, you just don’t know it yet.

Third, this Friday, there’s going to be a tattoo benefit for Tony at 125 Art Collective on Elmwood. Here’s the link for that puppy:

They’re doing $40 flash pieces and all the proceeds go to Tony’s family. If we do make an appearance (really hoping to), I’m probably getting the cassette tape, because I find that hilarious (and I’m slowly collecting more local albums on cassette than I have on CD).

Fourth, I’m going to get away from metal for a second. Mostly, this is about the stigma attached to the hardcore scene (especially lately). In my humble opinion, crowd killing is what’s killing the hardcore scene around here. It’s not the music, it’s not the bands (that I know of) and it’s not the venues or the promoters who are just trying to cover their asses. Personally, I’d like to see more HXC vocalists/frontmen/frontwomen/frontpeople (whatever) call this shit out when it happens during live sets. Rob McCready from Wreckage is a prime example of “doing it right”. When I caught Wreckage at Stamps at Govt’s CD release last year, a fight broke out and Rob quickly put a stop to it with a few simple words. In fact, it was so simple, it was probably “NO FIGHTING”. Magically, that was enough. So, save your scene and stop crowd killing. Don’t put venues and promoters in the unfortunate position of banning your band or members of your band from playing.

Also (somewhat in relation to this issue), if you’re trash talking Mohawk Place, please stop. You’re lucky we even have it. When people get tossed out of shows, there’s usually a good reason. Not to mention, I see a lot of mudslinging going on from people who are getting half the story delivered secondhand.

Fifth, our own Mike Deitzman is bringing IKILLYA back to Buffalo on July 15. This is a bigger show for him and it’s right before his birthday. So, if you support “The Masked Promoter”, get down to the gig this summer and show some love. For those who don’t know, IKILLYA is a heavy as fuck “street metal” band from NYC. They were here with Battlecross 3 years back and are returning with Product of Hate to melt your faces off. Here’s the link:

Sixth, (also related to Deitz) our benefit for The Masked Promoter is at Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon on June 17. He has Crohn’s Disease, his mom just passed away and he just obliterated his kneecap to top things off. Show the guy some love and come out. Here’s the link:

Seventh and final point: Our 2nd birthday bash is at Mohawk Place on March 31. If you were there last year, you know what to expect. If you weren’t, come out and have a good time (we guarantee it). We’ve got Anthropic’s debut show, The Crypt, Anabasis (Syracuse prog), Mass Casualty and Dethlehem (Pittsburgh RPG melodic metal). There will be baked goods, raffles, our magazines in print (including tributes to Tony), ‘The Metal’ stickers, cheap drinks, a friendly staff and a foam sword battle during Dethlehem’s set. Here’s the link:

Thanks for checking out more of my ramblings. We’ll be back soon.




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