Interview: Kenny Kozacki Talks New Murder City Outlaws and More

Over the last 5+ years, Murder City Outlaws have been successfully infiltrating the Buffalo metal scene with their own brand of “Who gives a shit?” style, ultra aggressive punk rock. We’ve interviewed them before, but with the upcoming release of their third album, People Are the Worst next month, we thought it was time to check in with vocalist/songwriter/guitarist, Kenny Kozacki and gain some new perspective.

Mike Marlinski: How does the new album compare to the first two MCO records?

Kenny Kozacki: The new album is far superior to the first two. We took on a couple touchy subjects, sure to drive all the internet trolls wild. We had the opportunity to record at House Of GAWD..(HOG). We wanted the album to sound a tad more raw, and its sounds incredible! Even the album art has helped secure this disc to be our greatest work yet!

MM: How has the band changed since Zamerski joined the band? Aside from the obvious.

KK: We haven’t changed that much. Musically, Mike has brought a lot to the table. There is a more positive/productive vibe. Almost the entire CD was written by Mike and myself, unlike the first two where it was just me. By the way, what do you mean by “the obvious”? Are you calling me fat??

MM: The thought had crossed my mind. Is Jenny Craig still a thing? She could help you. No, I just meant that the obvious change is that you now have a new bass player. Moving on, any thoughts on adding a 2nd guitar or no?

KK: Fuck no!! 3-piece bands rule!! If you cant sound heavy in E standard or as a 3-piece, give up now!

MM: People are the Worst is a great title for the album. Did you have a beef with anyone in particular that prompted the title, or did you just come up with it on a whim? Who or what is it REALLY about?

KK: Good question! We cant tell you what/who it’s really about. But we will tell you it’s about the duality of man. Nobody means well, there is always a hidden agenda. No matter what the circumstance, everybody wants something. Hence…people are the worst.

MM: The duality of man? Any thoughts of “Full Metal Jacket” with that reference? Anyways, what made you start MCO? Also, you have any side projects?

KK: My love for music and my father.

MM: Are those your side projects too? HAH. Good answers all around. So, how’d you meet your drummer?

KK: Well, I was in 8th grade and there was a rumor that this kid pierced his belly button with a safety pin! Naturally, I had to see it. This was no ordinary safety pin. It was one of the ones you would see on a baby diaper, all big with a rubber stop on the sharp end. Infected, none the less. AND he liked GWAR.

MM: What’s the story behind this album art for People are the Worst?


KK: Exactly what it says, people are the worst.

MM: You’re so cryptic! I like that about you!

What about “church”? You guys like to go to “church” on the weekends. That being said, what’s your favorite brand of whiskey? Favorite beer?

KK: “Church” is no longer a weekend thing. It has become a daily ritual for us. We don’t wanna name drop any brands, but when you’re at our show and we ask for shots, go to the top shelf! 131 proof bud, straight up! And beer is for pussies!!

MM: Noted. No cheap liquor or pussy beer, got it.

Is ‘The Metal’ going to be able to review the record before the big release?

KK: …..

MM: Is that a no?

KK: ……

MM: You’re starting to sound like Luke Skywalker in “The Force Awakens”.

KK: …….

MM: Well, I guess that’s a mystery that will have to be solved later. Here’s another one for you: if you could book a dream show, 4-5 bands of your choosing, what would the lineup be?

KK: We don’t book dream shows. We just play them.

MM: Ouch! I walked right into that one! How about some random nonsense to close this out?

Burritos or tacos? Beef or steak? Subs or hoagies? Beer or liquor? Weed or ‘baccy? Cedar or oak?

KK: Burritos, beef…(duh), subs, liquor, weed, oak.


That’s it, guys. Just another bold, riveting and thought provoking interview in the books. All this being said, be on the lookout for MCO’s third album, People Are the Worst and follow the links below to check out three songs (one from each album). JUST PUSH PLAY.


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