Show Review: Circular Logic, Ophelia’s Looking Glass, Goblin Hovel and Ferus Din at Dreamland


Photo credit: Florian Ayala Fauna

I had my first experience at Dreamland last night and instantly fell in love with the place. I’ve always had a thing for house shows and basement shows, but Dreamland takes that feeling to a whole new level. Converting that house into a show space was easily the best thing that could’ve happened there, with acoustics that bombard audiences with huge (arena reminiscent) drum, vocal and guitar levels. I suppose we all have Dana McKnight and a few others to thank for that. With all this in mind, I’ve got a plan for a future ‘The Metal‘ show within those walls that I’m really hoping will come to fruition.

As for the show last night, the occasion was appropriately named, “Call to the Bloodlines” – a diverse lineup of bands joining forces to raise money for Planned Parenthood. In addition to it being my first time at Dreamland, it was also my first opportunity to see both Circular Logic and Ophelia’s Looking Glass.

Circular Logic is a fun progressive act with a ton of energy. They combine the right amount of ambience, aggression, straight forward grooves and odd time signatures to keep things interesting and fresh for their entire set.

Ophelia’s Looking Glass is a completely different animal, combining enchanting female vocals, serenading acoustic guitars and haunting synth progressions. A lot of their material reminded me of Nightwish’s debut, Angels Fall First, given its raw, acoustic demo quality, combined with a beautifully crafted symphonic overtone.

Goblin Hovel took to the stage next and blew me away with how their live show has grown and advanced over the years. I hadn’t seen them since 2013-’14 at least, and since that time, GH has morphed from a straight forward, raw folk metal act, into the giant, theatrical, multidimensional folk experience we see today. I reviewed their last record, Revered Revenant of Irreverence, which you can read by clicking here. If you’re into any folk or bardic metal of any kind, Goblin Hovel is very much worth a listen.

Image result for ferus din buffalo

Ferus Din closed things out as only they can, with an extreme black/folk metal assault on the senses. Featuring members of Hubris, Arcaenium, Enthauptung, Seplophile and other projects that have come and gone, Ferus Din are easily one of Buffalo’s most original metal acts to date. I’d recommend them to fans of Immortal, Windir or Wolves in the Throne Room. Really, any artist in close relation to the aforementioned would fit in nicely with Ferus Din’s catalog.

Be sure to check out all of these artists and if you’re looking for a completely new venue experience in Buffalo, definitely give Dreamland a try as soon as possible. It’s a beautifully eerie, yet enticing home/art gallery with some great people running it. Thanks for reading and stay safe, guys.

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