Beauties and the Blast Beats: Episode 1

It’s no secret that the scene is a massive sausage fest, and that metal chicks are very few and far between.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, and I’d like to take a little time to put the spotlight on some insanely talented women (that I think can put A LOT of dudes to shame).

My goal is to point out women you wont find in any ‘Top Whatever Women in Metal” lists, which end up being the same old regurgitated 10 women or so anyway (most of whom I think are mediocre at best, /shrugs). I don’t want these to be painfully long, and maybe I will find the motivation to pop one of these out each week.

I know I am kind of fussy when it comes to frontwomen, it’s not a secret. When it comes to vocals, some chicks just don’t have the range or power that I appreciate with male vocalists.  But hot damn, I absolutely love Som Pluijmers. She was one of the first frontwomen that I stumbled upon, while she was in death metal project Cerebral Bore.  In 2012, they were voted in to open that year’s Summer Slaughter Tour (which looks like one of the most relevant to my interests SS tours that have been put together). Som only recorded Maniacal Miscreation (2010) with them, along with a couple other singles, before she quit later in 2012.  Cerebral Bore has been “on hold” ever since; those massive shoes she left have yet to be filled.

Recently, Som hopped on board with Your Chance to Die, fronting the band alongside Missi Avila.  Missi is amazing all on her own, but along with Som, I think YCTD has the potential to be that proverbial unstoppable force. Though, they’re not exactly my cup of tea, and I probably wouldn’t listen to them if they weren’t by two incredible women.  Som is yet to record an album with YCTD, but since their last album, The American Dream, came out in 2013, I am sure they are due either this year or next.

Up next for Episode 2; maybe some Abnormality, maybe Nervosa, or maybe I’ll yap to you about the first metal frontwoman I stumbled upon. Stay tuned!


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