Beauties and the Blast Beats: Episode 2

This one’s going to be another one of those articles originally brought to you courtesy of Steve K’s Edge Underground show.  Maybe sometime I’ll tangent again about how important his show was for helping shape my metal preferences, but I think you can find that in another thing I’ve written.  That being said, I vividly remember the night I stumbled into Iwrestledabearonce.  They were probably the first real introduction to a frontwoman that I had ever had (ok, outside of Avril Lavigne when I was like.. 12. But does she really count? Nah).  Krysta Cameron’s screams blew my mind so much that I was sure that she was actually a dude, outside of the clean singing.

18 year old me’s mind is still pretty much blown. Looking back, though, I am a little disappointed in my younger self that I didn’t go out on this quest to find similar frontwomen (maybe I did, and I just wasn’t impressed) until, well, basically now.  But at the time, Krysta was pretty much the only lady in metal that I knew about, and it warmed my heart, and kind of filled me with a sense of empowerment.

I am actually guilty of not really giving a fuck about Iwrestledabearonce after It’s All Happening.  I have not listened to anything from their new vocalist, Courtney Laplante (formerly of Unicron). I did see them a few years ago at some 10+ band show at Town Ballroom.  Krysta was another miss that left huge shoes to fill when she left (kids will do that to ya, heh). Though I don’t think Courtney is as Krysta, the frontwoman position has been more than adequately filled.

Throughout the course of my blabbering, I’ve been going through all of the music videos IWABO put out, not in chronological order. Though their music has gotten a lot less experimental and a lot more organized (but still breakdown-y as fuck), it’s comforting in a way to see that their goofy antics hasn’t gone anywhere. Sometimes, you can only mature so much.

Aside from the total abuse of breakdowns, I think Iwrestledabearonce is worthy of attempting to getting back into.  I mean, it hasn’t been my cup of tea in a long while, but their music isn’t so painful that I wouldn’t even begin to bother to listen to it. One EP down, four full lengths to go.

Up next in Episode 3: Now that I’ve done 20 minutes of legitimate research, there are a bazillion ladies that I want to talk about, but of course I’m only going to do one at a time (I suppose more than one if their histories coalesce). So, maybe next week I’ll yap about a three piece thrash band, or maybe I’ll tell you about how Grandma can show you how it’s done.
Did that corpse paint sucker you into reading my crap? I hope it did.


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