Hey, Look! It’s the Sun, Not Crowd Repellent

Written by Mike Deitzman*
We’re getting into that time of year, folks. The weather is slowly getting nicer and nicer and you know what that means: more and more shows are sprouting up. You’ll have tons and tons of events to choose from, both local and national.
This is also that time of year where attendance dips briefly. Bands and promoters: chill the fuck out, this happens every year, take a deep breath and please for the love of all that is unholy don’t blame the fucking sun. I’ve heard similar excuses for over a decade now. “The attendance to my event was lighter than usual because it’s nice out, no one wants to be inside on a nice day”.
This type of “passing the buck” nonsense is annoying and let’s be fair, not entirely true. Concert goers will stand outside in 95 degree heat for 14 hours straight at one of those friggin’ festivals, paying (sometimes) over $100 more than your event for the privilege of sunstroke dehydration. If you make a show an event that people want to see,. They’ll make time for it.
Another complaint or issue I see lately is how many bands are on shows. Everybody wants to be an armchair quarterback and give their unwanted and unneeded 2 cents. “There’s more than 1 opener for a touring band. That’s too many. Shows should only have 2 bands on it during the week and 3 on the weekend.”
No, they really shouldn’t. They should have as many bands as the promoter sees fit to put on it, it’s a fuckin’ business that the end goal is to reach as many new people as possible, sometimes that involves a couple extra locals on a show. You can’t tell me that 4 bands is too much for a weekday show, that the show ends up running super late and you can’t handle waking up the next day for work. there could be 100 different reasons why a show runs late, it could be a venue issue, it could be a sound problem, just enjoy the show for fucks sake, or don’t go. It’s fuckin’ simple. You want a 3rd option? Book your own event, lose hundreds of dollars, then you can tell me everything wrong I’m doing.  do you, son!
At the end of the day, from attendance getting smaller briefly, to complaints on how late a show runs or how many bands are on the event… They’re all just excuses and we’re quick to shut anyone else down when they give excuses, so it’s time to eat our own words. (Side note: it’s the same bands and promoters complaining all year around: “nobody came cuz it was raining, nobody came cuz it was snowing, nobody came because it was beautiful outside…” … Maybe nobody came because nobody gives a rats ass about your band… But that’s none of my business)
Let’s end this thing on a positive note though. There are some great events coming up, that if you’re reading this,  I hope to see you at. But more so than that, I think we could all use a change of scenery. What would happen if we all just decided to check out a different show in town? There’s shows happening almost every day, pick a cheap one and go check out some new bands. I’d love to see some total hardcore kids check out one of our metal shows, and vise versa.
Okay that’s it, thanks for reading. There are some really cool events coming up I will definitely be at. I’ll be chilling at Stamps this coming Monday evening to see some sweet death metal with Abolishment Of Flesh, and Sastruga. And it goes without saying I’ll be celebrating the life of the homie Tony Lorenzo at Waiting Room May 7th. See you guys soon.

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