Album Review- “Detach”, by Inverted Matter

*by Vick Sacha, with help from Mike Marlinski

For fans of: Decapitated, Suffocation, Incantation, Erik Rutan; any of the fathers of brutal death metal.

Inverted Matter are a death metal band who call both Italy and the United States their homes. Previously known simply as Inverted, guitarist Andrea Tocchetto and vocalist Gianluigi Giacon have recruited help from bassist Livio Langaro, guitarist Jason Nealy and legendary former Suffocation drummer Mike Smith.

Tocchetto was more than kind enough to hook me up with some of Inverted Matter’s older material from when they were Inverted. Having perused the full discography, I can tell you that I love being able to hear the evolution of Inverted (Matter)’s material. Their earlier releases are a hint more technical, but with each album, they turn closer to classic brutal death metal roots.

Detach is a classic throwback piece to the early days of Suffocation or Nile, while some of the more simplistic heavy riffing is reminiscent of older Sepultura. Vocally and musically, this record also displays shades of Soreption, with their grooves and strong gutturals riding over mid-ranged tempos. The first thing that really caught my attention was the vocals; they slammed me back to the time when I first heard Decapitated’s Nihility and The Negation back when I started dipping my toes into the death metal genre. Giacon’s gutturals are incredibly solid, and incredibly consistent.

The opening track, “The Mark” is a strong example of classic death metal, casting shades of early Deicide, Suffocation and overall brutality, especially with the crunching guitars and cruising double bass during the opening riff.

Track 2, “Drake Effect”, is just as punishing at its predecessor and has exceptional lead guitar work, really pushing the listener back to the early Nile days. The bends are so steadfast and eerie, you can’t help but respect this fretwork.

Fans of fun sampling will appreciate track 7, “FGM-148”, a crushing class act of a death metal track about vaporizing your enemy. The song kicks off with a textbook style description of some high tech weaponry to get you in the mood to wipe out your nemesis’s defenses.

Overall, this is one of the most interesting death metal records we’ve heard. It spans literally decades of death metal influences and is a fun listen for even the novice death metal advocate.

You can jam Detach on Inverted Matter’s Bandcamp. And if this latter material has peaked your interest, their previous project Inverted has a few songs on Youtube as well:
“Tunguska”,  “E.R. Weapons“, and “Towards the Summit of No Return” from Age of Harvest.

Enjoy, my friends!


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