Album Review: Anthropic- 2017 Demo


Good old fashioned grindcore is making a comeback in Buffalo in a big way this year. Prepare for the Mindscan are better than ever and will be releasing some new recordings very soon. Furthermore, Anthropic have already played shows locally, in Brooklyn and in Rochester. They’re killing it for Buffalo grind and their new 7 song demo is just further evidence of that fact. This morning, I took a real listen to this instant scene staple and I was blown away by its immediate nostalgic value.

Anthropic kick things off with “Blacked Out”, a fast paced, blast beat littered, tremolo pick fest of a song, all topped with the aggressive, authoritative yells of Chris Hull. A lot of people stereotype grindcore with the following:

  • “Get to a grindcore show 15 minutes late and you miss the first 3 bands.”
  • “If you’ve heard one grindcore song, you’ve heard them all.”
  • “Grindcore is just about being as fast and noisy as possible.”

To these points, there’s a lot of unaccounted for grey area on the subject, with a bit of truth mixed in. Sure, grindcore songs are short, but when speed is a factor, what’s wrong with that? A lot of grindcore songs sound the same, but one of the key foundations of grindcore is consistency. Furthermore, “fast and noisy” can be applied to many sub genres of metal, so that point could be considered moot.

Is this demo a good listen? Truthfully, this might be one of the most solid debut efforts by a Buffalo band I’ve heard in the past couple years. Brian Pattison, the mastermind behind this project, has been struggling to get Anthropic off the ground for about that long, sifting through members and ideas, until finally what you’ll hear on this demo came to fruition. This is an idea that was tossed out into the scene by a guy who stayed the course in a very consistent and uncompromising way. These 7 songs are a testament to Brian’s persistent nature and he’s got every right to be proud of every note.

The entire demo is wrapped up in 16 minutes. 7 songs; 16 minutes. You’d think it sounds rushed, but it’s true grindcore. Fans of Napalm Death, Nasum, Brutal Truth or Agoraphobic Nosebleed should not sleep on Anthropic. Tracks like “Blacked Out”, “Nothing Left”, “Vengeance” and the grand finale, “Avaristic Plague”, show no mercy and provide the perfect spastic outlet for both the diehard grind fan and novices alike. There truly is no letting up with these songs. Locally, fans of Prepare for the Mindscan, Blurring or Pig Rectum should also embrace what Anthropic has to offer.

Anthropic‘s next show is this Saturday at Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon. It’s the 4th annual concert for Jennifer Rinaldo and also features Buffalo death metal titans, Seplophile. Anthropic‘s demo and merch will be for sale at the show, so pick up some swag and show your support for these scene veterans turned new grindcore aficionados.

I’ll be leaving you with the first single the guys released off the demo called, “Vengeance”. Enjoy and thanks for reading!




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