Album Review: “Walls of Flesh”, by NOFUCK

For fans of Vader, Pantera, Slayer

Walls of Flesh is the third and newest full length from Italian death/thrash band, NOFUCK, courtesy of MurdHer Records, released this past April 2017. Their full discography boasts two LPs, two demos, and even a live recording.

I’m currently listening to Walls of Flesh for the fifth time around (It will probably be at 8 or 9 by the time I’m done and content with this), and it’s difficult for me to pinpoint just a handful of other bands that they sound like and have taken influence from, because I have heard everything from Cephalic Carnage and Saprogenic to Lamb of God and Metallica. Long story short, this album is all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, that certainly isn’t a bad thing; I love that NOFUCK is successfully diverse throughout this album, but is consistently well composed (and impeccably produced). There truly is a little bit of everything for everyone on this album.

Walls of Flesh opens with the title track, and NOFUCK takes no time getting right into business. The riffs scream groovy death metal (fans of Soreption will appreciate) with a hint of melodic edge (shades of Omnium Gatherum).

Track 6, “Psychopig”, was the one that came out of nowhere for me. It starts off heavy, but a couple minutes in, it starts to go in a direction that I absolutely didn’t see coming. Without giving too much away, I want you to really check these guys out. This is where some of those other influences I mentioned come in *wink*.

Walls of Flesh closes out with “Hot Hell California”, which has permanently scarred and distorted a good chunk of The Eagles’ “Hotel California” for me, without question. When you will listen to it, you will understand.

The handful of soundclips throughout the course of the album add a humorous, playful element without being totally overbearing and taking away from the actual music.

Simply put, Walls of Flesh starts off strong, veers in a handful of awesome directions, and ends as strong as it began. NOFUCK has definitely proven themselves worthy of MANY FUCKS.

If you think NOFUCK sound like they might be up your alley, you can stream Walls of Flesh for free here, on Or, if you’re into hard copies, you can pick one up at their Bigcartel shop.


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