Musings from the Door Guy Pt. 3: Is This Really Happening?

mus7*Written by Mike Deitzman (The Masked Promoter)
First things first, due to the nature of this blog, I’m going to be writing a lot. There’s a lot I need to get off my chest. So, if you have ADD or don’t feel like reading a short novel, feel free to stop reading after this paragraph. I’ll make it easy for ya too… I’m so very thankful to everyone involved, whether you helped set up, donated, played or just showed up. There. Thanks, everyone.
Okay, now that a handful of you reading this have left, we can sort of go deep. (Heh, Heh, you said “deep”.)
In a week, I’ll have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease for about 7 months. If I can be real here, it beats me up pretty bad, physically. It weakens me, makes me sick to my stomach daily, and even the medications I’m forced to take twice a day, do as much if not more damage than the actual disease. Just last week, I woke up unable to stand or walk, as I woke up with severe arthritis in my wrists, fingers, elbows, knees and ankles.  But, physical pain is an aspect of the disease I feel obligated to fight, because my pain is nothing compared to some other people’s pain. I can do it, I can push through the pain, at least until I can’t, then I take a nap, haha. It’s the mental aspect that’s been really difficult for me.
I didn’t get down, or depressed when I got diagnosed. Part of me was almost relieved. I was motivated in a weird sort of way. I was gonna prove all the doctors wrong, I was still going to live my life as I had, with a few adjustments​ of course (take meds, eat better etc.). I think I started feeling defeated when my doctor told me the Crohn’s was severe enough that I wouldn’t be allowed to work a real job anymore.  I actually enjoy working. This was a way bigger blow than expected. So, leaving my job really took a number on me, mentally. But, we lawyered up and started the process of filing for disability. I already had plans in the back of my head that I can still be productive, still contribute to life and be somewhat of an asset. We just gotta keep fighting, right? Well, we finally get to court for the first round and the state denied me- most likely due to my age. (We’re appealing, guys, and I won’t have an answer on what’s going on there until Jan/Feb) so, on one side of my head I got my lawyer, and all 5 doctors I see on a regular basis saying, “You can’t work.”, and on the other side of my head, I got disability and their lawyers saying, “Sure, he can.”.
Throughout all of this, I have no income. It’s depressing as hell. It’s even more depressing when I think of how expensive life in general is, and adding in an expense like Crohn’s Disease, (“You’ll spend around 17 thousand a year combating this disease.”-My GI doctor) on top of the fact that I can’t work and am currently being denied disability…
Yeah, that’s about the time this thing started to hurt more mentally and emotionally.
Cue in those fucking assholes from The Metal, Mike and Vick. Haha, this event was all their brainchild. They booked the date, the venue, and the bands, without anybody telling me. (Probably because I would have said no. I hate being the center of attention, but I’ll throw you a benefit every fuckin’ month.) Then, Mike finally tells me, “Hey, I booked a last minute show for June, can you work the door for this?”. This is how I found out about the show.  They also handled everyone doing baskets and raffles and such. They really went above and beyond for the world’s most attractive door guy. I didn’t want to do any of this. I was embarrassed… But you try saying no to Mike and Vick. They don’t care, they’re gonna do it anyway.  Truthfully, I thought the show was going to be pretty unsuccessful and fly under the radar, (Nobody is gonna wanna give money to a promoter! ) so I said OK. Then, they worked out a ridiculous deal with The Rockin Buffalo, to have bottomless beer and a food buffet, (Who doesn’t love breakfast? You’re lying!) which was a HUGE reason the show did so well.   … Shit. Okay, maybe the locals won’t push too hard, I thought. Nope, in a rare occurrence, every band put out maximum effort in promotion. You guys couldn’t shatter those “Bands don’t help promote.” stereotypes at a different show?!?!?! Haha
It was very important to me throughout all of this that people didn’t think I was the one throwing myself a benefit. So, I didn’t do much to help for a long time. Then, about 2 weeks ago, I finally stepped in and helped a little. Everyone was being so nice during the promoting of the show, that I felt it needed a little “obnoxious Deitz” to put it over the top. Fuck the show being successful for me. I watched for months, as Mike, Vick, Mike Shearer, all the bands and my closest friends actually pushed this show hard and worked tirelessly to make it work. They did all this for me. (Shut up, I’m not crying, you’re crying.) I now wanted this show to be successful for THEM. So, for a week or 2 going into the event, I did what I do. Some people, those who know me anyway, they were into it and some others weren’t. But, it was a benefit for me, so what did you expect?
A lot of people showed up. We were slamming from doors up until about halfway through the final band. That part really got to me. I was overwhelmed by the response the show got and at how many people see me as a friend. But, I’m not gonna take (much) credit for that. The lure of bottomless beers, a free buffet, 5 extremely talented bands, cool prizes and it being a “The Metal” show, was too difficult to turn down. (I’d of gone to this show if it was for my worst enemy.)
Thank you to Mike Shearer and all of the Rockin’ Buffalo staff. You, 100% have the best venue in town. Nobody else works nearly as hard WITH bands/promoters as you do. Support Rockin Buffalo.
One of the bands had to drop a while before the show, so finding a replacement last minute always sucks, but not so much in this case. I was told that when asked to be a part of the show, Danimal Cannon responded with, “Yeah, I was going to be there anyway.” That means a lot. And Jesus, did he end up killing! We had quite a few newbies in the crowd (people that like our style of music, but are friends of mine that don’t normally go to local shows). Several people came up to me both during, and after Danimal’s set to ask me who he was, and tell me how blown away they were by him. He’s already getting pretty well known around the planet for his innovative music, but people at home are finally starting to take notice.
Then, came Dredneks. When someone asks me to describe their music, I just grunt, piss my pants and smile. They’re easily the only band I’ve ever known that fit on any style bill. (Need a band for a death metal show? Call the Dredneks. Your wedding band cancel? Dredneks.) They’re the most universal band, we have them and we’re lucky we have them nearby to jump on shows. They always make a good show great.
The Long Cold Dark. I wanna say is the longest (…coldest) reigning band in the scene going right now. I think it’s almost a decade at this point- same band name, same core members, still fighting the good fight out here. That’s a sweet and difficult accomplishment in and of itself. And they’re a really good band, guys. One of the things I respect the most about them is that they stay true to playing what they want to play. They evolve with each new release, but it’s an honest evolution.
The Last Reign played next- using Colin from Pollock on drums for this show, who sounded great. Also, being down a guitar player isn’t easy. But, they made up for any shortcomings with an even more amped stage show. They had fun up there and it showed, because the crowd was eating that up. Props to Marlinski, who not only had to perform with the band, but he had to put together the entire show (with Vick) emcee the raffles/donations, and in general just drop everything on to his (super sexy) shoulders.
Pollock closed out the event. Being down a guitar player (much like The Last Reign), they reached out to former guitarist, Brian Platter. It was a really cool visual for long time fans to see Platter playing alongside Andrew, Lindsay, Colin and Josh. I think it was the “best of both worlds” scenario, as I heavily favor Pollock 2012-2014. This doesn’t mean I don’t love what Pollock is creating NOW with Andrew and Colin (everything I’ve heard is amazing), I just have had several years of memories and The Moonlight Show album to remind me of good times. I’m sure my opinion will change when “Chinese Democracy” (Errrrr… I mean the new Pollock record) is released. All I’m saying is, “Dear Pollock, stop grazing me with just the tip. I want full on penetration from you guys and I want it now.” Sorry, I got sidetracked. The live show was equal parts visual and audio. You guys are always on the cusp of having the whole damn live EXPERIENCE​ figured out. It’s amazing to watch. I don’t know how you keep making it better with each show, but you do.
Thank you so much, everybody. You all raised a lot of money for me. But, more importantly, you raised my spirits. You got me out of a depression I hadn’t expected was going to hit me so hard.
In a few weeks, (on Saturday July 15th) there’s a birthday show for me. Come hang out and let me buy you a beer. We got a ton of new out of town bands to check out there along with The Long Cold Dark….and it’s my way of thanking you all for everything you’ve done for me.
Shut up, I’m not crying. You’re crying!
– Deitz  AKA (“Did he just use his ‘thank you blog’ to promote another show? Yes, he did.”)

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