Beauties and the Blast Beats: Episode 3

First, I’d like to apologize that I have slacked off so early in my own series. My punctuality regarding stuff I don’t have to hand in for a grade is clearly atrocious. Hopefully after this week, I will get my shit together (A LOT) better. But today I got the well-needed kick in the ass that I needed to continue with my segment.
Oh, and I hope my first three episodes are better than the first three in the Star Wars saga. *shrugs*

To be honest, I suppose this could be one of our awful “gimmicks” articles too, but I digress.

A few months ago, Mike and I had the opportunity to see The Grindmother, along with a bunch of bands I can’t care to remember. You can bitch about the gimmicky part all you want, but this great-grandmother has some serious proverbial balls for getting up on stage and yelling about how she hates Trump and flower gardens and whatever else ladies her age have to yell about.  Even more so for going on tour with a bunch of 20-something year old kids, and living out of a van for several weeks.

And, really, the kids in her band are indebted to her for every opportunity they’ve gotten. Surely, without her they’d be just another mediocre, generic hardcore/metalcore band lumped on tour with like musicians, playing for kids who still think flailing their arms and legs around makes them moshpit superiors.

Check our her video for “Any Cost” here!

Image result for the grindmother

I didn’t realize I had deleted this entire other section until the above photo. On the flipside to The Grindmother, I bring you Sockweb. 10-year-old daughter Joanie Young yells and father Adam does everything else, from writing to production. Their covered topics include everything from Werewolves to pancakes and jerk bullies. You can see their music video for “Spoon” here, and you should, because that little girl has some serious pipes, and a solid future ahead of her if she continues with her practice.

They were signed to Monolithic Records in 2013, and released an EP and a full-length, but their story doesn’t end as happily as The Grindmother’s.

Image result for sockweb

About this time last year, father Adam was found dead, from apparent suicide, after some legal and relationship issues. Recent posts show that Joanie is holding her own, but it is unknown how her father’s death will effect her in the long run.

I didn’t mean for this to take such a dark turn, but if you’re going to take anything away from my crap, let it be this: mental health is a serious issue, and if you or someone you know is reaching the point Joanie’s dad reached, GET HELP. IMMEDIATELY.


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