reaganWell, not really, but to be fair, they’ve definitely upset a few people over the last 4 years.

Without putting too fine a point on it, I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help have done a great deal to help themselves get to a position of instant name recognition with thousands of would-be lovers and haters. Metalheads from across Western New York, Upstate New York, the Southern Tier and a good chunk of PA are very familiar with GOVT, and whether you consider yourself a lover or hater of what they do, one thing remains clear: This band kills.

At 1pm today, GOVT will be releasing a song called, “Blacklisted”, the debut single from their forthcoming first full length album, Damage Control, due out on August 26, 2017. The release party is happening at Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon in West Seneca, and you can follow this link to RSVP.

So, what does The Metal think of “Blacklisted”? Last year’s review of GOVT’s sophomore EP, Capital Punishment, pretty much sums it up. “Blacklisted” is a heavy hitting crusher, with a variety of metalcore, heavy metal and hardcore influences, picking up right where Capital Punishment left off. Every riff, lead, drum beat and vocal choice fits perfectly, crafting a crisp, neatly packaged tune made for headbanging and cock stroking. Most of this song has more crunch than a bag of Fritos, but if you’re looking for GOVT’s heavy metal roots, “Blacklisted” doesn’t let you down there either.

It’s difficult to say, but this song may or may not have a blunt message to vocalist Thom Bieler’s haters. “You don’t even know me, you’ve only heard of me. I see your jealousy and it’s ugly,” Thom proudly proclaims in the song’s chorus. This proves once again, if my theory’s correct, that the boys still don’t give a flying fuck and will gladly accept any free promotion they can get their hands on- even if it comes from people who actually think that badmouthing GOVT on social media is in some way going to hurt this band.

Want to hear “Blacklisted” a few hours early? Follow this link

Did you click it?


Were you disappointed?





  1. They are never going to get anywhere by pissing everyone off! I mean they even piss themselves off to get attention. You don’t know me? I don’t care to know you. Assholes, each and everyone. Nothing but trolls, and they get a kick out of pissing everyone off for attention even if its fake, I will say it humors me to see people so butthurt over Thom when clearly he’s a genius using people’s hate and unhate to boost his career. Maybe I should be applauding. Actually, wtf, I love this band now.


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