Album Review: Distress of Ruin- Insights

DoR-Promo-bw-1200pxStraight from Finland, the guys in Distress of Ruin are releasing their new EP, Insights on September 15, 2017. If you’re into bands like Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum or the older Soilwork stuff, I’d highly recommend these guys.

My absolute favorite thing about this EP is the way the opening track, “In the Heart of Chaos” kicks things off. During the first minute or so of this song, you have no idea what kind of album you’re in for. This tune comes complete with a classical piano intro, heavy chugs, melodic riffing and leads, dissonant chords, mid paced headbang sections, quick folky progressions; there’s really no classifying this band from the start. Instead, the listener is forced to soak in the entire song before getting a clear picture.

The EP is also littered with great clean guitar parts that remind me of Lacuna Coil’s first couple albums, but dissonance, chugging, brutal guttural vocals lay those clean guitars to rest from time to time. The beginning of track 2, “To Become Feathered” is a perfect example of the continued abrupt nature of this band.

Track 3, “Epiphany” showcases more of DOR’s synth capabilities and insane vocal range. This song is a straight symphonic, progressive death metal track at its finest, showcasing a variety of moods and talents. I swear, there isn’t a dull moment throughout this entire release. Just be prepared for melancholic moments. If you want all heavy, all the time, don’t be disappointed when the clean guitars, pretty synths and stellar clean vocals take over these tracks for a few minutes at a time. DOR love to space out in their songs, which is a welcome change of pace for me.

Track 4, “The Explorer” is probably the most Insomnium like track on the EP. If you’re into Insomnium’s albums, One for Sorrow or Shadow of a Dying Sun, you’ll fall in love with this track. In an odd way, DOR IS Insomnium, just somehow heavier in their heavy sections and more ambient and majestic in their calming sections. If you’ve ever wanted Insomnium to push the envelope and reach new heights, DOR might just be laying the groundwork for that.

Lastly, the final track, “Ablaze in the Ruins” comes packed with the coolest synth sections and the heaviest riffs on the album. The entire package is just brutal for a band of this nature, casting shades of the heavier songs of Disarmonia Mundi mixed with those of The Black Dahlia Murder, or other melodic death bands with serious groove.

These guys KILL and avid melodic death listeners who want all the different vibes common within the genre amplified, NEED Distress of Ruin in their lives.

Distress of Ruin are:

Vocals: Lauri Ruotsalainen
Guitar & vocals: Simo Niiranen
Guitar: Harri Säynevirta
Drums: Riku Romppanen
Bass: Sami Tolonen


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