Show Review: Milkie’s Meets Metal Mayhem

*Co-written with Vick Sacha

We don’t mean actual mayhem, neither the band nor destruction. We just mean typical metal show shenanigans.

If you weren’t a stick in the mud, you ventured over to a new possible staple in our metal scene this past Saturday night. We’re of course referring to Milkie’s on Elmwood, who had just their first ever metal show.

And what a show it was to get them started.

mass1I don’t think the folks at Milkie’s could’ve had a more brutal introduction to WNY metal if we’d tried. The occasion was the long awaited CD release party for Mass Casualty‘s debut album, Preparing the Dead. Truth be told, Buffalo hasn’t put out a death metal album this brutal since Seplophile‘s Mesonoxian in 2013, so not only was it refreshing to hear some more skull crushing goodness come out of the Queen City, but it was just as refreshing to see and hear such a devastating lineup to go with it. Corrosive Impact (Corning), Shepherd of Rot (Rochester), Gutted Alive (Rochester), Seplophile (Buffalo) and of course, Mass Casualty (Buffalo), all came together to raise the bar for future local death metal events.

As if all that wasn’t enough, at one point, capacity for the room was called by one of the staff members, and we were able to mark down our first “sold out” local show in recent memory.


As for the performances:

  • Corrosive Impact kicked things off with brutal vocals and an interesting cover song selection towards the end. They sound like they’re on the verge of crossing over onto something truly special, but need a certain push in their writing to get them there. Shortly before departing the stage, they did a spirited cover of Megadeth’s “Sweating Bullets”, which got some mixed reactions, but it made for a great time for all.
  • Shepherd of Rot was cool. They did a lot of breakdowns (which weren’t excessive), but their stage presence, sick gutturals, and cool symphonic backing tracks really made them stand out. Hats off to their frontman, who really brought his A-game. Alex Rose really knows how to engage the crowd.
  • For a minute there, we thought something tragic happened to Colin Winkelman from Seplophile. However, this wasn’t the first time we’d been duped by the guys in Seplophile when it comes to their vocalist’s whereabouts. We were getting nervous after chanting his name for several minutes that maybe he was just gone. And that maybe…either they would’ve had to do an instrumental set, or Chris Gooch (Mass Casualty) was going to have to do vocals. Luckily, all was right in the universe, Colin emerged and the guys got the crowd moving. After having been fans of this band for 5+ years now, it was nice to hear songs from the original demo and Mesonoxian, as well as new material from their forthcoming release. Fans, both new and old, were highly satisfied.
  • Gutted Alive. What more can be said, really? Anyone familiar with this band, knows they level every venue they play. When it comes to speed, technical ability, insane vocals and overall brutality, very few bands can stand toe to toe with GA. If you’re unfamiliar with these guys, do yourselves a huge favor and check them out. The energy they bring to their shows is uncanny and their songwriting is just as beautifully erratic and invigorating.
  • Finally, Mass Casualty closed the night properly and gave everyone in the room who was on the fence, a reason to buy their debut album. Wearing matching bloody aprons, they took to the stage and owned the night the way they needed to. MC did themselves proud by promoting the hell out of themselves and the other bands, packing a new venue and releasing a killer death metal album in a city known for death metal.

Special thanks also need to go to Greg Burt from FTMP Productions, who made some quick moves and made the show possible. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to the awesome staff at Milkie’s for letting the metal into their establishment. It’s a fun space with reasonably priced drinks and great food and we can’t wait to be back.

Be on the lookout for future performances for all these bands, including a repeat of Mass Casualty’s Buffalo Metal Festival this summer. Cheers!




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