Alien Host: A New Event Promoter in Buffalo

shawnAnyone who knows the local bands Seplophile (death metal) or Prepare for the Mindscan (grindcore), probably knows their bassist, Shawn Gomez. Shawn’s been in bands for almost 20 years. I know, because I used to be in some of them. But these days, something has been brewing in Shawn’s mind, aside from fret board handling and haunting screams.

Enter “Alien Host” : Shawn Gomez’s new show promotion entity, no doubt in reference to some of the extraterrestrial based lyrical content of Prepare for the Mindscan.

He’s not “putting a ceiling on his promotional future”, as he put it to me, but Shawn is admittedly partial to keeping most of his dealings at Tudor Lounge on Franklin Street in downtown Buffalo.

“I do however like the idea of keeping this mostly Tudor exclusive, as I like the bar and general vibe of performing there and drinking there. I want to get a regular crowd coming out on Thursdays, starting once bi-monthly. No winter months, Dec-Feb.” – Shawn Gomez

So far, Shawn’s first show under this new guise is set for Thursday, March 8. It’s set to be  a 4 band bill with Prepare for the Mindscan, Pure Heel (hardcore punk) and 2 bands to be announced. Check the event page for details and if this is something that meets your show needs, get in touch with Shawn:

“Many new things are in the works for me musically and more. I’ve been doing the band thing awhile now and booking on the low, but I guess now it’s official. Looking to get booked? I can help directly or indirectly and refer you to someone else. Contact me on Facebook or at my email-” – Shawn Gomez



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