Album Review: “Illusive Golden Age”, by Augury

*written by Vick Sacha and Dave Jurenovich (from Technical Music Review)

I know we’ve been sleeping on the album reviews lately, but this one was a sweet treat that I couldn’t pass up.

Augury is another prime example why Montreal, Quebec is the Prog/Tech capital of the western hemisphere. Though it seems as if they’ve been in a slumber for about the last decade, Augury has returned with (in my opinion) their best album to date; The Illusive Golden Age.

I always feel that bassists are too often overshadowed by the other musicians in the band, but Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (also First Fragment and ex-Beyond Creation) does an incredible job of making his presence known, and in fact, rather prominent through the course of his projects. Illusive Golden Age is no exception.

Vocalist/ guitarist Patrick Loisel does a superb job at showcasing his vocal abilities; from deep gutturals, to screeching highs, some mids in between, a few piggish squeals, and a yelling-clean sing, Patrick properly demonstrates what all vocalists are surely capable of.

Augury - Photo

I am a complete sucker for longer songs, and this album definitely doesn’t disappoint in that department either. Though I love “The Living Vault”, my favourite song is “Anchorite”, clocking in at just over eight minutes. It’s progression from heavy to ambient to heavy to chill to heavy again is perfect such that it doesn’t let allow you even just a second to lose interest in the song. the riffs are catchy and exhibit prime musicianship, and the riffs show off incredible prowess. “Anchorite” ends with what sounds like crashing waves fading off into the distance.

The whole album clocks in at just under 45 minuets. You can check out the album on their bandcamp.

Dave from TMR had to say: “Augury’s technicality and songwriting maturation has come a long way since their debut album Concealed. Their combination of death and black metal add crushing intensity to a wider and varied sound than they initially had. Illusive Golden Age only further adds to the legacy of Dominic Lapointe the tech death bass playing legend who has a spread of tasty bass lines throughout their 3rd album. The increased use of harmonies adds a lot of flavor to the album. This is quite possibly one of the biggest sleeper albums of the year so far, and when all is said and done it will stand the test of time as a top release of 2018. The band has a string of dates to celebrate the release in Canada….if you can make it to any of the shows I highly suggest you do.”

Of course, I can’t help but agree; talk about this album has been rather illusive, often being overshadowed by talks of other albums due out.  The album is in fact out today, March 30, under The Artisan Era (seriously one of the best record labels with one of the most impressive rosters in this day and age). After you’re done jamming this brand new release, you can check out their two previous LPs, Fragmentary Evidence and Concealed.


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