Last night was simply phenomenal. The overwhelming support we got from our local metal scene was an instant reminder of why we started this blog. I’d also like to thank the majority of the crowd for arriving BEFORE the first band started. That never happens, but last night, it did.

Nuclear Winter are great young dudes with a lot of potential. They opened the night with their own brand of thrash/heavy metal and got the crowd going. Here’s a link to their debut single, “Him“. This caters best to fans of Megadeth, Iced Earth and Metallica.

Photos by Cody Bollinger*


Liber Ivonis destroyed the stage next. This was only their 2nd show, their debut being back in May of last year. These guys are very quickly becoming my favorite Buffalo metal band and how could they not? The lineup consists of Rob Palumbo on vocals (ex Canto V, Theatre Nocturne), Erik Wagonblott on guitar (ex Theatre Nocturne), Zach Smith on bass (Mavradoxa), Jay Zgoda on guitar (Sertraline, ex Darkapathy, ex Where She Wept) and Mike Paquette on drums (Orius, ex Theatre Nocturne). These dudes brought a big crowd, got a great reaction and really set the standard for the rest of the night. Their debut will be out soon, so if you’re a fan of Dissection, Wolves in the Throne Room, Katatonia and At the Gates, be on the lookout for it.

Photos by Cody Bollinger*


As if Mike Paquette hadn’t been punished enough by this point in the night, he stayed parked on stage for his following set with Buffalo power metallers, Orius. These guys always kill it, but they treated us to the new path they’ve been forging with guitarist/vocalist Jesse Benker last night. They played two new songs, written almost entirely by Jesse, and they really bring the thunder, to put it mildly. Orius is still Orius, but I can really hear a heavier, more riff oriented direction punching through their mold. I cannot wait for their next release. It’s going to be a fucking adventure.

Photo by Chimera Magazine*

38Greywalker from Pittsburgh took the stage next and they really impressed the shit out of me. I’ve had two of their albums for awhile, but those recordings don’t do their live entity justice. These guys combine melodic death metal and metalcore in a masterful way, that calls back to Darkest Hour’s glory days. They also make their own hot sauce- a delicious peach flavored nectar called “Melo-Death”. That was my first “merch-ase” of the night.

Photo by Dan Behrens*

octopusFinally, Ancalagon closed things out in a ridiculously powerful and merciless way. They played all my favorites off of Gateway Specter and to top things off, their vocalist, Matthew Mitrovits dangled a fresh octopus from his crotch for most of the set. I’m the asshole who had to get rid of it, but it did make for an interesting climax for the night. Don’t know these guys? If you like anything Dissection have ever put out, or any older Swedish melodic death metal at all, you’ll love Ancalagon. They fucking cook.

As far as additional credits go, I can’t thank the staff at Rockin’ Buffalo enough for everything they’ve done for The Metal over the last few years. Mike Shearer is a great guy to have in the scene. He’s always had our backs and the buffet he put out for us last night was top notch. I can now say I’ve had homemade jalapeno alfredo sauce and I’m still feeling it this morning.

Normally, we can’t get a single photographer to come out to our shows, but last night we had Lee Hoffman, Cody Bollinger and David Barnas. Thanks, guys.

We also want to say Happy Birthday to Ryan Skerrett (Orius) and Shawn Gomez (Prepare for the Mindscan and Seplophile). Thanks for celebrating with us, guys. Here’s to many more.

Also, how about Mike Deitzman bouncing back from Crohn’s to work the door for us? He insisted on making it and said that the tradition mattered to him. We love our Masked Promoter and can never express that enough.


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