More Musings From the Door Guy

Written by Mike Deitzman*

What’s good y’all? It’s ya muthafuckin boy The Masked Promoter back after a LOOONG absence. I definitely haven’t been able to hold up my end of bs in this blog for a while now. I’m back, maybe not quite 100%, but a solid 83.4%, so… Solid enough to do this.

I chose to come back and work the door for this. After all, it was the anniversary event, and even if I was doing shitty, I just refused to break tradition. Luckily, I felt great, so no worries there.

This was such a cool event top to bottom. Even if it was just bands, without all the extra bells and whistles, it’s a killer show. But nahhhhh, when the Metal and Rockin Buffalo hook up, we gotta go that extra mile. The buffet was almost too good. Mike Shearer, not only does he run a cool bar, he’s a top notch chef. All the cool prizes, the food, they just made the entire show that much cooler.

Since this is a show review, maybe I ought to tell you about the bands right?

Photos by Cody Bollinger*

Nuclear Winter : our young gunners, these guys are… well, I think they’re just the coolest. They’re way too talented considering them being as young as they are, the riffs are tight, the vocals are dope. bottom line, you guys won me over, I’m legitimately a fan. Side note, it was really heart warming to see how much of their family came out, rocking the Nuclear Winter shirts, to support their boys. Older people in the scene need not worry, the next generation are being raised by some really awesome people.

Photos by Cody Bollinger*

Liber Ivonis started the “Let’s try to kill Mike Paquette” portion of the show. As you might of heard, this was only their 2nd show, the first was about a year ago. I’m telling you, they are everything that we all loved about Theatre Nocturne and. Fucking. More. They’re brutal, they’re sexy (in a rugged type of way) and vocalist Rob Palumbo and I have a gangster rap mixtape about to drop this summer. Totally.

Photos by Lee Hoffman*

As if he hadn’t done enough already, Paquette’s other band Orius was up next.
Now, Orius probably isn’t the heaviest band on any given bill,or the most evil, or the most raw satanic black metal. But, ya know what they have that’s way cooler? Girl fans. Also, a ton of dude fans too. But yeah, several girls came in asking when Orius was playing. I’d classify them more so in the power metal genre, but it’s obvious these dudes grew up listening to hardcore, metal core, death metal, and every genre in between.

Photos by Lee Hoffman*

Dear Greywalker,

I’m sending you a doctor’s bill for this face you melted off me. Please come back soon. For fans who’d like to know what would happen if In Flames had sex with Shadows Fall in 2003 and a band emerged from all that gooey stuff.

Octopus photo by Dan Behrens*

Ancalagon is one of the best fucking bands alive today. Not best local, or regional, they’re literally one of the best bands period. I’m not even gonna talk about their set, if you know who they are, you know what it was. If you don’t know who they are, get fuckin familiar.

Photo by Rob Palumbo*


As your faithful door guy, thank you Mike and Vick for always keeping me out here. You guys are awesome, and it’s been a goddamn privilege to serve you these last 3 years. Support the bands on these shows The Metal does, there’s never any bullshit bands, there’s a lot of thought that goes into the events. Keep supporting the blog as well. I’m just happy they keep letting me play in their sandbox.

Audio samples from most of the bands:



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