But Seriously…

I’m sure you all think I am off my kilter about this one single show. And I’m sure I am. But my head is going to explode if I don’t get this out of my system.

I was initially going to apologize for my past and future posts about the Inanimate Existence/ The Last of Lucy/ Fields of Elysium show, (which is July 3, BTW). But I’m really not sorry.  And whereas I feel that I should never have to explain myself, my panties are wedged so far up my ass on this one that I can taste them. So I think it’s time.

So let me explain.

Though I am no oracle, I can already tell you how it’s going to pan out.  No name, musically unrelated locals are already added onto the bill (and will probably have to sell tickets) (pop punk, fucking really? Ugh.) People that know them will come, watch them, and leave right after their set. The touring bands will likely play for <15 people. Including myself. You know, been there and done that. Same shit happened at that Enfold Darkness/ Invoking the Abstract show you never knew about (Mike and I didn’t know about it until the week of, thanks to The Artisan Era). The only difference is that instead of trying not to gouge my eyes and eardrums out during a Nirvana cover band, I probably won’t show up until after the locals. And if I do, I’ll just show my grumpy ass back outside. Winter should subside in Buffalo by July, right?

The touring bands will be humble and shrug it off, and thank us for coming out on a fucking Tuesday, and tell us that any support is better than no support. They’ll leave fed, paid, with full tanks of gas, and catch some Zzzzs in a Walmart parking lot before they mosey down to the next city on the tour. Which will likely do far better than Buffalo, because most shows like this usually do.

And I get it. Techdeath has no fan base in this city. I have already come to terms with that. But, you know, it’s a shame, that poor turnouts like at the Enfold show and what I foresee at this show are how this area’s metal scene gets portrayed to out of town touring bands. Bands obviously notice it, tell their agents, and Buffalo gets passed over for more tours in the future. And then everyone bitches that no tours ever come here. Funny how it works like that, isn’t it?

And that’s actually the second thing that pisses me off. I have seen with my own two eyes on plenty of occasions how well metal shows can do here, and I’m not just talking about Killswitch Engage selling out Town Ballroom, or Periphery selling out the former Waiting Room, or any ETID Xmas.  I’ve seen album release parties, benefit shows, and even our little shindigs pack bars. I know you’re out there, metalheads. Why don’t we see you more often? Even if it is someone you don’t know of, what’s the harm in coming out to hang?

That all being said, people not coming out isn’t my only issue. As someone who doesn’t get out to every single one, I can relate and understand. Anyway, we here at The Metal absolutely love putting together shows stacked like Legos for your showgoing pleasure. We love seeing all of the people that care enough about us and our lineup to come out and have a great time. And we love that, through this, we can give bands the audiences (and paychecks) they deserve. We only do a few shows a year because we don’t want you to get sick of us. We can promise you that we will never ever ever book bands that we aren’t interested in.  And we can promise you that we will promote the fuck out of it. We’ll even bribe you with Mystery Boxes if we have to.

worlds tallest legos

And the opposite, the first thing that pisses me off, is what I firmly believe is what’s going on here. Promoter books a show because it’s another filled date on the calendar, the music genre is irrelevant. Other shows with more promising draws will have more effort put into them, including band selection and promotion. There’s more money and recognition in those. And that’s what showgoers, booking agents and musicians will look at. Nothing positive comes from another tanked show that’ll just end up swept under the rug anyway.

I suppose my frustration comes from a complete lack of understanding of this situation. If you’re not interested in the artists you’re hosting, why are you booking them? Especially when you don’t know what kind of draw they have in this area, and that there’s a possibility the turnout might be shit? Especially if you can’t afford it? And why wouldn’t you consult people more familiar with the artists/ music genre you’re looking to host about what said turnout might be to begin with?

And then when the turnout is garbage, the musicians tell their agents, and then Buffalo gets passed over for future shows. And look what we have here. Didn’t I just say something like that?

But what the fuck do I know? I’m just a pissed off techdeath kid with no scene cred or experience, and a blog at her disposal.




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