Album Review: Greywalker – Without Control

greyw3We first discovered this melodic death powerhouse from Pittsburgh 3 years ago, when we started bringing Dethlehem out for our live shows. As it turns out, Pittsburgh has a crop of truly exceptional metal bands and Greywalker are no exception. Fusing the soothing sounds of older Darkest Hour with both modern and old school thrash, melodic death and metalcore, Greywalker are a band that aren’t afraid to walk the thin line between the more melodic subgenres of extreme metal.

Their new album Without Control kicks off with some eerie tones, then heads straight into a powerful intro riff with drawn out chords and great harmonies. From there, it’s a sharp right turn into finger blistering thrash drumming and riffing. The melodies are still very much alive in the guitars by this point, but the dirt and grit that Darkest Hour was once known for in abundance is all clearly in the driver’s seat. It’s truly the perfect way to start an album such as this. Even Brian Howe’s vocals have an unapologetic rasp and genuine anger to them throughout the entire album – another classic DH trait from yesteryear. The opening track is called “Your Sins” and it fucking rips. Be prepared for it.

As the album progresses, more somber guitar melodies and progressions are implemented, creating the perfect balance between melancholy and brutal unforgiving thrash. These guys understand this genre so well and convey it masterfully. By the 2nd track, the avid melodic death listener should know exactly what they’re in for. While at the same time, anyone unfamiliar with metal such as this will be hearing it done correctly and with expert precision. Make no mistake, novices; this is truly how the melodic end of extreme metal with harsh vocals is meant to be written.

My top 3 tracks on Without Control are:

  1. “Your Sins” – A brilliant opener with no remorse that showcases this bands ability to write “all killer and no filler” material
  2. “Beyond the Glow” – An ideal bridge between the melancholic and the relentless, bringing all the high points of classic At The Gates and Darkest Hour together
  3. “In the Face of the Abyss” – Riff wizardry to the point of establishing addicting grooves with hooks, not present anywhere else on the album in this exact fashion

Without Control comes out on July 6, 2018. The Metal Webzine confidently advises all fans of the above listed bands and genres to give it an honest try. You can also check out Greywalker’s other material by clicking here.

Greywalker are:

Evan Thorsen

Ricky Zimmerman

Joey Solak

Brian Howe

Colt Dalmaso



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