The Summer (S)laughter Tour

Hey pals, friendly neighborhood elitist here. I know we find difficulty in where our musical tastes coalesce, but I do just want to take a minute to talk about something I do believe we can all agree on.

Someone somewhere once said “You can’t spell ‘slaughter’ without ‘laughter'” and I can’t think of a more appropriate application for that quote than this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour.  Well, rather, the last few.

Unfortunately I had only been given an opportunity to attend one; Niagara Falls was one of the dates where Morbid Angel headlined, with direct support from Dying Fetus and The Faceless, plus Fallujah, Decrepit Birth, Origin, some guy dressed up as Ultimate Warrior and a few other bands I can’t remember. That being said, I think that was the last decent lineup (ok, ya got me with 2016) since the early days when Necrophagist headlined every other year. Some years were focused on being more progressive, bringing in acts like Animals as Leaders, and others were more focused on actually shredding your face off.

But it seems like every year the lineup gets leaked, I find myself more and more disappointed (Arch Enemy? Fucking really?). And it seems to me that with each lineup the promoters of the tour become more focused on how much money thay could be raking in, as opposed to actually being the most extreme tour of the year. But I am comforted that I’m not alone.

Last year’s mostly deathcore lineup struck a pretty big nerve, but it seems as if this year’s is rustling more jimmies than last. Truthfully, I give quite a few shits about Allegaeon, Entheos and Soreption, all of which are within the first four acts to play. And IMO, one of them is without question the most talented band on the whole lineup. The entire rest of the lineup, to me, is mediocre at best (sans BTBAM, but that doesn’t make me interested).

It’s no secret that two of Sumerian’s most successful bands, Veil of Maya and Born of Osiris have made their way onto yet another lineup. They’ve appeared the second most times; only second to The Faceless, one of Sumerian’s longest signed bands, which is no surprise either (even though someone has a drug issue).

So, that being said; after only 11 years, have we already seen the apex of what Summer Slaughter could be? Has Sumerian become so money hungry that they only book bands that they know will draw? What’s with the same headliner rotation every few years? Whats with the same Sumerian bands being put on these tours year after year? Expecially when you have a roster of over 40 bands? And most importantly, how hasn’t Body Count or that guy from Korn headlined one of these suckers yet?

To be honest, I completely forgot that Summer Slaughter was even a thing until a couple weeks ago. And I do think everyone needs to keep in mind that there are several other (actually) extreme metal tours that’ll be cruising through the country this summer; Devastation of the Nation just got started this week, and Bloodletting North America is due to release dates and a lineup soon. And, let’s be real for a minute. Those have always had significantly more promise than Slaughter ever did.

SS good
RIP lineups that look like this.

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