Nobody expects the Sisson Inquisition!

Been a hot minute since I fired up the inquisition, lets fix that shall we?

I want to talk to you about bands. Local bands. I come from a small country of 4.7m people, yet we have an output of metal bands that would rival the best of them. Lets delve the depths of the bottom of the world and see what we find shall we?

First up: I want to talk about a band that is making big moves right now, getting signed to Unique Leader, dropping easily one of the best albums in the slamming death metal scene of late, and playing some awesome shows to boot. I’m talking about Organectomy.


These boys have become a household name in the local metal community around here, and I’m far from surprised that they are garnering the attention they are in the global community after they dropped Domain of the Wretched back in December.

After releasing the single Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths back in April of last year, they tucked away and finished the final steps on the album while making the odd excursion for some shows. After the album was released, they proceeded to head out on a three date tour with Cattle Decapitation, showing off the fruits of their labor and catching the ear of everyone in the building every night. Keep a close eye on this band; they have a lot of big stuff coming your way in the near future and you will not want to miss it! In the meantime check out the video for ‘Terror Form’ HERE


I find it hard to pick out a singular favorite track on the album but if pressed I would have to go with Entropic Decay, the album closer. Such an energetic, punch-yourself-in-the-face song. Crushingly heavy breakdowns mixed with the crunchy riffs and melodic outro solo make it a memorable album closer for sure.


For fans of: Disentomb, Aborted, Analepsy, Abominable Putridity


You can hear the album HERE and find links to their webstore HERE to nab some of the hottest merch in the game.



The next band I want to talk about is Scorn of Creation.

Cover Photo (no logo)

This group is a lot of seasoned musicians coming together to create something special. Old school influenced riffs, with a fresh-yet-seasoned approach to composition and production, these guys are quickly dominating the scene here and proving they are here to stay. With members sourced from local legend status bands such as Backyard Burial, Depths, Saving Grace, Bulletbelt and Human Butchery, they are all seasoned musicians that have the passion for sick riffs and blast beats that we all like to see. In the short time that they have been an active band they have released a stellar album, and supported some great international bands such as Revocation and Cattle Decapitation, proving the live show is where they thrive and flourish. If Crushing riffs, impeccable drums, and brutal vocals are your cup of tea, definitely check these guys out. They have a music video coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled for that one!


My personal favorite track on the self titled release would have to be The Exodus Of Limbo, with its calm, soothing intro riff leading you into a maelstrom of riffing carnage with catchy hooks and technical proficiency galore. The closing passage may be some of my favorite material this country has produced ever. So catchy, and so punishing when you see it in a live setting.


These guys will appeal to fans of Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Cattle Decapitation

Have a listen to the album HERE and check out their Facebook and Instagram


The third band I want to talk about is a big one for me. The hometown heroes, the underdogs,  that joined forces and created the death metal weapons that they are today. With two incredible albums under their belt, a viral video featuring them playing material on a children’s daytime tv show, and many a great performance under their belt, I’m talking about none other than


Blindfolded and Led to the Woods.


This is a band that has gone from strength to strength, growing and maturing like a fine wine, but without the pretentiousness. Some of the kindest, most gentle souls you will ever meet, who bludgeon you with riffs and guttural vocals about ingesting people’s meth teeth. These guys are doing big things for themselves, being self managed and run, they are holding their own fate in their hands and running with it to reach the heights they aim for, which is always admirable. With a sound that includes many different styles, but mostly based around brutal death metal, but with a technical approach, these southern lads have two albums under the belt.

Their debut full length My Vaseline Diaries was a fantastic show of technical death metal, with deeply intricate riffs and catchy hooks galore, this album saw them take on a national tour and take the country by storm from top to bottom. The sophomore album Modern Adoxography took a step up and managed to capture the essence of the band extremely well, raw as hell yet still produced and tight as a vice grip.

Stand out tracks for me are in no short supply. From My Vaseline Diaries I’d suggest ‘Fuck You Look Awesome’ and ‘You’re Just Like Captain Planet But With Less Friends’, and on Modern Adoxography you have to go with the single ‘Meth Tooth’ (watch the video HERE) and ‘Licking a landmine’


Between the two albums and the EP ‘Armed To  The Teeth With Jellybeans’ , they have done huge things in the game and played some killer slots alongside Cattle Decapitation, Psycroptic, Dillinger Escape Plan, Revocation, Sepultura and Death Angel among others. Always bringing the fun, playing fast and heavy with a cracker of a smile, catching them live is always a party of monumental proportions. The lads are poised to branch out and start gigging more overseas, so expect them at a venue near you soon!

These guys will appeal to fans of Decapitated, Revocation, Dying Fetus, Soreption

Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and listen to their albums over on Bandcamp


The thing I love about all these bands is the hugely DIY attitude and approach they bring to the table, which is a truly kiwi thing and proves that all these boys are bloody great New Zealanders.

Tune in next time for another round of The Sisson Inquisition!


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