Album Review: Eternal Crypt – Loneliness of the Wolf

Yep, you guessed it. Here comes another new Rochester band I absolutely love. Zane37601738_10212207063991904_6007961710055391232_n Knight (Gates of Paradox) has been conspiring deep within the confines of his dismal, dark, presumably moist lair, known as “Knight in a High Tower” Studios, for apparently years, to bring us a band called Eternal Crypt. Their debut album is called Loneliness of the Wolf and it’s just heavenly (an ironic descriptor when discussing black metal).

Then again, I’d hardly call Eternal Crypt black metal and leave it at that. Their sound comes fully armed to the teeth with awesome keyboards, choir-style clean vocals, amazing melodic leads, crazy fast thrashing guitars and equally menacing drums, bass and vocals. A few days ago, when I had no idea what to expect from this band, I asked Eareckson Murray, who was at the album release show if they were a black metal band. Eareckson compared Eternal Crypt to Wintersun and I really tried to avoid thinking about that comparison during my first listen.

Unfortunately, I was unable to quell that beast. Fans of Wintersun will love Eternal Crypt. They’re not a dead ringer by any means, but it’s a just comparison. Upon hearing Loneliness of the Wolf all the way through, I heard a firm fusion of symphonic metal, black metal, folk metal and melodic death metal. Other bands of national/international status I’d compare them to would have to be Oubliette, older Nightwish (instrumentally at times) or Windir. Locally, I’d most readily compare EC to Ancalagon, Hubris, Enthauptung, Sertraline or Ferus Din.

For the recording process, the only other musician who accompanied Zane was Michael Adams on drums (ex Order of the Dead). Other than that, Zane Knight is the sole mastermind behind the vocals, keys, guitars and orchestrations.


It really is so impressive to see so much talent in one tiny corner of New York State. Another thing that surprised/pleased me was how there was zero attempt on Zane’s part to solicit this album. The CDs were given away for free at the CD release show. In addition, the album is available for free streaming on YouTube and free streaming/downloading on Bandcamp. Furthermore, in a Facebook post, Zane even explained how one can illegally download the album from YouTube using a YouTube to mp3 converter. It truly is “for the music” in this case, while there are so many others who falsely make that claim…

Listen to the full album below and for fuck sake, throw Zane a couple bucks for it on Bandcamp. You’ll be glad you did.

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