Album Review: Aspired Infliction – The Undying

*Written by Rob Palumbo (Vocals at Liber Ivonis)

rob3When it comes to women and music I have what I like to call “Adult Link Syndrome”. If any of you played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time you’ll remember playing the first part of the game as “Young Link”, where the hero travels the land of Hyrule meeting a bunch of young lady friends on his journey. The second part of the game is where Link gets sealed in the Temple of Time for 7 years and comes out as an adult. And much to our hero’s surprise, all of his childhood lady friends have grown up to be babes. This happened to me in real life so many times that it became my thing.

The Undying by Aspired Infliction is also becoming my thing. An album trapped in time for a little longer than Link was (8 years to be more specific). Now that the time finally came for them to bring their album to life, they brought with them talent and experience that only time can gift to really make these songs shine. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into this album shows. Make no mistake, this isn’t an oversized demo. This is a noteworthy album that will still be on standby in your car a year from now, which has carefully crafted songwriting, lyrics, and production. There are tons of riffs here that make me think that In Flames could take a lesson in modernizing melodic death metal from these guys.

But let me stop you there: this isn’t just a melodeath album. Aspired Infliction has never subscribed to niche-y, clique-y B.S. While melodic death is certainly the backbone of this band, there are tons of grooves and licks that flow seamlessly from Sweden to America. Ben (drums) and Tony (vocals) are brothers and it’s definitely apparent that they have some sort of psychic link. There is some really cool drum and vocal chemistry (which is lacking in more pretentious acts) and I really appreciate it. As a vocalist and lyricist myself, what most stands out to me is the lyrics and delivery. Aspired Infliction is a no-nonsense band, and their lyrics are no different. While the topics seem to be very personal and grounded, I really enjoy the perspective that gives them an almost-esoteric quality and builds a mythology for the band.

Did I mention that these songs are super catchy? No? Well they are! You’re gonna be banging your head with a grumpy metal face, but deep down inside you’re going to know that the corners of your mouth are twitching from fighting a smile. Well, I guess this is where I shut up. This album kicks ass, and if you’ve never listened to Aspired Infliction before, I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Okay, I guess I’ll throw in my favorite track because you’re still reading this for some reason instead of going and getting this album! I’m pretty sure it’s “A Faceless Memory”. This one hits all the sweet spots for me. But IT’S SO FUCKING HARD TO PICK!

It’s dangerous to go alone! PICK UP THE UNDYING!!!!


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