We Just Don’t Care Anymore

When Mike started the blog, he was fleeing from the oppressive rules another website was imposing on him; ONLY events and artists in NYS will be reported on. When faced with losing a great contributor, Mike was offered his own column that would “allow” him to write about whatever he desired. But instead, Mike told The Man to stick it, and thus The Metal Webzine was born.

The first year was incredible; there was no greater validation than receiving dozens of messages daily from bands as far away as Norway, South Africa, even Southeast Asia, for interviews, album reviews, pumping band bios. Several record labels and PR agents added us to their mailing lists and man, if I had a nickel for every album we got before it’s official release, we could probably buy and reopen Broadway Joe’s, with just enough money left to not make the bathrooms a little more asthetically pleasing. Our future was bright and promising and the support we had upon inception was unreal, though I suppose my pessimism wasn’t ready for anything other than mediocrity.

But then it got to be too much too quickly; requests would back up, messages would go unanswered, we’d never finish articles and they would just sit in our drafts box, stagnating.  Trying to find someone who would want to write for us regularly has proven impossible. But, we struggle on. The two of us have shit the bed ALOT, and we will likely continue to, but nothing was worse when we could’ve gotten into a Gojira show for free, and all we had to do was interview one of the supporting acts. We also probably could have gone to the final Warped Tour, but that lineup was a bucket of piss anyway. Except Every Time I Die.

Needless to say, the majority of the fire and passion we had when this blog began is rather burnt out. It’s not that we straight up don’t care- we’ve just agreed that it’s not worth it to spend hours of our free time for the dwindling response rate we’ve been getting as of late. And I hate to be honest but, if I don’t love what we’re writing about, I’m not going to do it. My last article, about how an incredible guitarist is trying to kick a nasty addiction and return to being the great guitarist he once was has less than 100 views. And I slammed that in every relevant music group I’m in. Article before that? Less than 50. Inferi review? 40. Alot of the statistics from Mike’s articles mirror my own. I mean FUCK, we can’t even get you to read the show list Mike updates weekly.  (But calling out the music scene for being hypocritical and a promoter for being willfully ignorant? 300+!)

It seems as if there are only so many things to write about that will grab enough attention to have been worth writing about to begin with. But we don’t even know what those things are. Writing about stuff we love gets us pretty much nowhere. And when we ask what our readers would like to see from us, we’re met with nothing but cricket chirps. The majority of our articles reach a couple hundred people if we’re lucky. But you can bet our memes have reached over 16,000 people.

And this is why and how I believe we have already reached our apex and are in the process of our decline. We don’t care because no one else cares. If we had more people consistently reading our writing, we would care more and thus would write and promote ourselves more. We’ve gone from the textbook definition of symbiotic harmony to prolonged parasitic demise.  Or maybe I’m completely wrong and we just need a strong gust of wind to get this ship moving again. /shrugs.

So, I don’t know. Perhaps this is where I resign from all music related writing, perhaps it’s just a hiatus until something worthy comes along (not like I’m that prolific anyway). But either way, I’m kind of over this blog, for now anyway.

We’re still going to do shows though. That seems to be the only thing that we do that yields a decent enough response.

And, I mean, who would we even be to you if this blog never happened anyway? Just some okay guitarist in a band you don’t care about and his fat bitchy girlfriend.

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