Album Review: Diluted – Legitimate Bastard

39504294_1966113966743711_5630793332981497856_nIt’s not very often I review bands that fall out of the extreme metal spectrum. Then again, Diluted is one of those hard-to-classify bands who are so fun, I can’t turn them down.

This Friday night, I’ll be sharing the stage with them at the 11th annual Hage Fest in Oxford, NY. To put it mildly, I can’t wait. I love mixed genre bills and ESPECIALLY mixed genre BANDS who blend styles well.

Not too long ago, I reviewed their last effort entitled, “Never Fit In”. I thought the name was perfect because they’re once again, a hard-to-classify act with many twists and turns throughout their songs. Sometimes, I think they’re trying just as hard to surprise themselves as they are their audience. Thankfully, Legitimate Bastard, their latest EP (released August 18, 2018), provides strong evidence for that theory.

The opening track, “Lose My Number”, is a real banger. The heavy riffs and use of harmonics to accent said riffs is just plain awesome. It’s something you’d hear from Rage Against the Machine, without all the quirky effects. From there, it’s a headbanging crunch fest with old school Everytime I Die sounding cleans and erratic, ultra-angry high screams.

Musically overall, this band is a heavier Deftones meets ETID meets A Life Once Lost. A lot of people don’t like to compliment bands by comparing them to other bands but…if the shoe fits?

I believe in making content easy to relate to. Sue me?

“An Innocent Onlooker” is another fun one. This one casts shades of all the aforementioned artists, but has killer hardcore/crust punk vibe to it. Think: Bad Brains, Ed Gein, or Dead Hearts, mixed in with their general sound. This tune spaces out a bit too with clean guitars and cool reverb laced vocals, for those looking for those faraway-sounding breaks…

“Spintech” has some cool bass and drum work in the intro. Diluted’s rhythm section has always been a major contributor to their heavy, catchy sound. This tune has an extra crunchy/bright bass sound that really showcases what’s happening in this band’s sewer after hours.

The EP closes with “Bothered”, which has a cool rock vibe with pretty chords, catchy leads and the catchiest melody on the album for clean vocals. This is the somber closing track that most bands gravitate towards when trying to end a record strong and on an emotional note. Not to say that Diluted went with the “typical way out” here, but for as melancholic as this track is, it’s still very much a Diluted song.

Catch Diluted at Hage Fest this Friday night and download their new EP, Legitimate Bastard right here.

See everyone in Oxford this weekend!

Diluted are:

Patrick Mulligan//vocals
Zach Coffey//guitar, vocals
Matt Helmer//guitar
Mike Kimak//bass
Tyler Creller//drums



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