SHOTGUN INTERVIEW!: Eric Budash (Diceros/The Metal)


According to Urban Dictionary:

Shotgun Interview – Shortly after two people start dating, (or when you first meet a friends partner) family and friends can choose to conduct a ‘shotgun interview’ to make sure the new partner is a suitable choice. Normally conducted when in a rocking chair with a shotgun on your lap for maximum effect.

Fortunately for Eric, I’m not trying to be his boyfriend…

Mike Marlinski:

Eric Budash!
Come on down!
You’re the next contestant on…
Don’t get excited…
You haven’t won anything…

Eric Budash: Hahaha!! That’s awesome, man
I won a interview with The Metal. That’s a pretty sweet prize.

MM: Tell me what’s next for Diceros. I’ve been following you dudes for years now, but the most I’ve seen on a merch table is those sweet Sabres shirts. When and where are you recording? EP or LP? Or maybe just a single/video? The people want to know.

EB: We are in the process of finishing all the songs for a LP. We did our soundcheck at the Aspired Infliction CD release show with the last song that needs to be finished. It is still untitled. Honestly sometimes I forget the titles because they get shortened or changed to something funny. For example a new song we have is titled ” A temple draped in human filets” which for set lists we write out as FOF or filet of fish. It kind of loses its luster but on the album it will have the original title. The only goofy song title that stuck was “T-Rex Erection” because honestly who doesn’t think that image isn’t funny. Its honestly more of a way to make the much darker undertone of that song seem a little less traumatic than it really is. I’m rambling on this now so I’ll keep going with the other questions
We will be working on more merch. I think as of now we are still looking into what the design will be and who is going to design it for us. We pretty much run through ideas every practice so it will get there. As for recording we dont have a set date yet but we will be recording with Nick From World of Noise. I’ve worked with Nick since my Misanthropy days and he always does a fantastic job. I’m thinking once we finish this last song and get it tight we will be booking studio time.

By the way, I love the Sabres logo but I’m hoping we decide on something a little more gnarly looking. One idea that’s been thrown around is the band members as vicious looking rhinos or more colorful and friendly cartoon rhinos. Almost TMNT esq
I do love the angry Rhino concept. I hope there’s at least a short run of those.

MM: Recently, you and I talked about your wide range of influences. Talk about all the music you’re into that doesn’t fall into the extreme metal category. You bring a lot to Diceros’s sound and that includes some diverse clean singing.

40158645_2106758346207507_2246400679016923136_nEB: Thanks man, I appreciate that! I’m influenced by a lot of different styles of music. It may sound cliche to say (that rhymes) but I have a very eclectic taste. I love music ranging from classical all the way up to some modern pop stuff. If it moves me it moves me. I think a lot of times people may not be as open about what they like for fear of ridicule. I used to be the same way. Younger me would never admit to anyone about jamming out to the likes of Madonna or Mariah Carey or admitting I know the words to every lady gaga song. There’s a stigma to them for whatever reason depending on what musical circles you find yourself in. I decided some years ago I wasn’t going to hide that stuff anymore and just be open about what I really feel about music regardless of what others may say about it. When I started out in Misanthropy I had never done metal vocals before so it was completely new to me. So at first I tried to fit into this mold of what I thought it should sound like based on my own knowledge of metal vocalists. After our first show I realized I was trying to be something I wasn’t. I decided i just needed to be myself and let what I feel come out in the vocals. No matter the genre my biggest influence Is Freddie Mercury. That guy is the definition of a front man. He could have you singing the chorus to a big rock anthem one minute and the next serenade you on the piano. I take a lot from him. I don’t try to be him because that’s damn near impossible but a lot of my clean singing melodies are inspired by queen. They were the first band as a kid I ever really got into. Elvis is probably another one. My mom brought me up with him. I knew all of his songs by the time I was 5. Fun fact, my mom wanted to name me Elvis but my grandma talked her out of it. Well played, Grandma Budash. Basically my influence comes from what I hear and like and trying to incorporate that into the music.
My favorite thing to try to do Is make a list of favorite bands/artists. It would change daily. The constants for me would always be Rush, Grateful Dead, Queen, Coheed and Cambria and Gin Blossoms. Those are the groups I’d want with me on the deserted island
Yeah, it’s damn near impossible for me. I always find myself contradicting the list from the previous day.

And just shooting this out there- but you guys should do Top 10 or 5 lists. They might be a trending thing but for some reason, people love to see things ranked. I know I’m one of them. I think it’s mostly to see where someone would rank something and to complain that someone isn’t on there or not higher.

MM: We’ve done a few of those and they did do well.

EB: I’d like to see you guys do the stuff everyone knows. Like, the top 5 reasons why Iron Maiden is awesome.

MM: We did a cool one about album art that involved huge bands like Maiden. Every year, we do our top albums. Those always do well too. Like you said, people want to headbutt about opinions and ranking is the way to get that going.

EB: That’s friendly headbutting. I can get behind that. You guys should do one weekly if you had the time.

MM: Yeah, it’s hard to come up with new topics sometimes. Even though a lot has gone unnoticed, we’ve done a lot over the last almost 4 years.

EB: You’re not ranking the 5 best political memes about abortion or something ridiculous.

MM: We have a category on the site called “What?!” It’s reviews of albums you wouldn’t expect us to review. like Limp Bizkit’s 3 Dollar Bill Ya’ll.

EB: Oh dude, I could think of a million topics.

MM: So could I, but the issue is, we’ve probably already done it or something like it.
That’s another reason we need more writers than just Vick, Deitz and myself.
Greg DiPasquale contributes sometimes. Brian Pattison has written a few.

EB: Dude, if someone had the time for it, get a dude to write specifically for that. Shit, I’d do it if you wanted.

MM: What did you want to write?

EB: I’d want to be your lists guy. Guarantee I could do a solid one once a week with no troubles.

I love to write. Writing is one of my favorite hobbies. There just aren’t many outlets for me, so I usually just have stuff that sits around never being seen.

MM: I’d definitely want someone like that. I’ll go through our articles and pick out some things we’ve done in the past, but other than that, I think it’s a great idea. YOU’RE HIRED!

EB: Hell yeah!! Dude, I just did a Rick Flair “Whooooo” in Wegmans and now I’m being looked at funny.

Maybe I’ll do the strut just to finish it off!

MM: DO IT. Last interview question though: When it comes to lyrics, do you write about all different topics, or do you have a comfort zone?

Also, who’s your favorite vocalist/lyricist? Who comes to mind first? Doesn’t have to be your favorite tomorrow.

EB: I write about all different topics. When it comes to metal I tend to keep it on the darker side. The song I mentioned before called “T-Rex Erection” is probably one of the darkest things I’ve written. Its written from the perspective of a rapist. A very rough topic to try and wrap your head around. I feel I may have to explain a little more but it’s not condoning those actions. I believe those people are horrible and sick individuals. It’s written as my interpretation of what a glimpse into the mind of someone that fucked up would be like. So I guess I really don’t have a comfort zone. I typically get a topic idea and go from there. Some Diceros songs have ranged from what i just mentioned to a song called “gutted for the greater good” which tells the story of a hero who defected from a tyrannical empire to save the people that were being oppressed. I guess maybe I like to do a lot with heroes and villains but those 2 categories can be branched out in many different ways. My favorite vocalist/lyricist? If it’s the combo of the 2 I would say Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria. Writing a concept album is one thing but writing for a concept band? Now thats some good story telling

MM: Awesome! Thanks for taking the time, bud! And I look forward to your column!

EB: Hell yeah, man!! I really appreciate all of thiS Hopefully I can add a little something and help you guys out. Like, this has kind of been a dream of mine to be able to write about music I love.

MM: I’m excited to be surprised by your topic choices.

EB: Nice!! Yeah no problem, man. When would you like the first one?


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