The Top 5 Genres You May Not Know Influenced Heavy Metal

13062526_10207843376594806_5176659050955636983_nWritten by Eric Budash*

  1. Classical-
    From Beethoven to Bach (not the guy from Skid Row), classical music has had a major influence on metal music. In fact, you could consider some early composers as the metal artist of their day. From shredding guitar solos to some of the heaviest riffs you’ve ever heard, they all stem from classical music. Metal of all genres owes some of its earliest influences to some of the great composers of the 18th and 19th centuries.

2. The blues-
What genre of music hasn’t been influenced by the blues in the last 100 years? The blues is what kickstarted rock and roll and the likes of country, bluegrass and jazz. If the influences of metal music were to be shaped like a pyramid, blues would be the base to signify the beginnings of not just metal, but almost every musical genre this century.

3. Jazz-

Jazz is the crazy younger brother of blues. Jazz got its start by mixing in a blues style but straying away from the typical 4/4 timing. Prog music owes its complexity to jazz. This technical and unique form of playing influenced a wide variety of progressive musicians who would go on to form bands that would become the basis for technical and progressive metal.

4. Musical Theater –

Ever seen a Broadway musical? They are a mix of an extravagant stage show accompanied by musical compositions. Unless you’re a band who stands like statues on stage, you’re performing musical theater. The showmanship, the lights, the choreographed head banging (I’m looking at you, hair metal), and the theatrics of what you see on stage is all musical theater. Before your eyes, you witness a story being told from beginning to end. From the first song to the last, the band takes you on a musical journey of audio and visual displays.

5. Opera-

This one is all about the vocals. Opera singers need to have the ability to project their range and utilize vibrato. These techniques are used by metal vocalists. From guttural to clean, all metal singers use the opera technique to sing. The broad range of harmonies and scales have helped to give metal its distinctive vocal styles.

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