An Amazing Show Everyone Slept On

Click on the band names! C’mon, do it!

39945264_10156588280729328_1608669490931826688_nLast night, Persefone, Manticora and Divinex (Rochester) played Evening Star to about 40-45 people who weren’t in bands or staff. Of all the shows we’ve been to this year, (and we’ve been to a ton already), that lineup was hands down the most musically mind blowing yet for me.

If you don’t know who David Karczewski is, or if you’ve never heard of his company, Gazing Rabbit Productions, let me fill you in: Over the last couple years, David has already brought Leprous, Pain of Salvation and most recently, Persefone and Manticora to the states to play for us fortunate Buffalonians. And if you’ve never heard of any of these bands, these are all creative geniuses on the prog end of the metal spectrum (with the exception of Manticora who are power metal before anything else). David is also the vocalist and guitarist of local prog rockers, Turning Virtue. These guys have been around since the ’90s. If you’ve been sleeping on them too, check them out.

For the last few months, we’ve been promoting the hell out of the Persefone show, because of all the bands David has brought to us so far, Persefone is easily the heaviest, most versatile and most appealing to a broad metal audience (They have the best balance of clean and harsh vocals and melodic and brutal riffing). It’s hard enough to get people to click on a video or song unless there’s a meme or free stuff involved, but for the sake of future Gazing Rabbit shows, please watch the videos I’m going to post below.

We’ve already seen a slight increase in local turnout (which is great), but now we’re looking for a greater awareness of the insane talent coming to us from overseas that is seemingly going unnoticed. Last night was simply amazing and we want the metal lovers of WNY to be at David’s next show in full force.

Here are the bands you’ve missed since the Leprous show I mentioned (which was at Waiting Room a few months before the shutdown):


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