For the Record – Pollock | Hallowed: The Absence of Light

pollockJosh Klein is out of his mind, but in a way that’s truly inspirational. A few months back, Josh decided that he was going to make the release of the new Pollock record more than just a show paired with a digital unveiling. He made a few videos in which he spoke of a Hades themed forest completely transforming Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon. Well, not only did he deliver on that promise despite not hitting his goal for donations, he also finally put out the twelve song journey he’s been talking about for the last five years or so.

Hallowed: The Absence of Light is twelve nasty tracks deep. These aren’t the most metal songs in the world, but what they are collectively is an in depth analysis of the human condition via powerfully emotional music. The visual aspects of the band have always been up to snuff as well, each music video constantly outdoing its predecessor. Both the band’s style of music and atmospheric choices certainly aren’t for the death metal elite, but they do carry a lot of weight for a very broad audience. Fans of Katatonia, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Pink Floyd, Tesseract, Paradise Lost and many more of the like will appreciate Pollock’s sound. In fact, any fan of metal who likes a little melody with their sound can find something they appreciate on this record.

Those familiar with the band’s live show have been listening to a handful of these songs for years. However, it’s nice to finally get a crisp sound out of them on a tight recording. Once again, we have Josh Klein spreading himself way too thin as band artist, guitarist, vocalist and sound engineer. However, he keeps right on ticking, so I suppose we should just let him do his thing.

It’s also crucial to mention that the record would not have been possible without a handful of session musicians cranking things out for the love of Josh Klein, Lindsay Leyland and the music of Pollock. Brian Platter ( guitars at The Last Reign/nasty solos on this album), Andrew Abdale (guitars at Eyes of the Blind), Zac Tattenbaum (THE MOUNTAINOUS MOUNTAIN/nasty solos on this album), Colin Marmion (drums at Eyes of the Blind), Derek Shultz (all manner of wackyness at Goblin Hovel), and Gary Bernstein (percussion), all had very special roles to play in the production of Hallowed.

Throughout the album you’ll hear cello, erhu, yuequin, throat singing, sitar, setar, piano and keyboards, in addition to the normal elements of the typical rock/metal outfit. So, when I say that this album is a journey, that is most certainly to be taken literally. This is a very worldly album and it’s great seeing something like this coming out of Buffalo.

Brian Platter also did a killer job on the album art on both the exterior and interior, perfectly complimenting Josh’s dragon lady painting. The whole package is a mind fuck if you’re into well-balanced musical and visual concepts.

Once upon a time, I thought Tool had the best live visual experience to pair with their music, but Maynard decided to stand at the back of the stage with his back to the audience on the Lateralus tour in 2001 – a disappointing artistic choice in my opinion. I’ve seen many stage shows like that over the years, which made me truly appreciate Pollock’s in your face performance, amidst the beautiful underworld forest and sculptures at the release show last night. Watching this band alone earns them fans. That’s a rare gift.

Pick up Hallowed: In the Absence of Light right here. The digital release will be live on all major streaming sites soon.


Pollock are:

Josh Klein- Vocals/Guitars

Lindsay Leyland- Vocals/Bass


Brian Platter – Guitars

Zac Tattenbaum – Guitars

Dan Caruso – Drums

Thanks for reading, Metallers.



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