Album Review: Amputecht – From the New World

Here’s a band we haven’t heard from in awhile, but sometimes time on its own can freshen up a band’s sound. That’s certainly the case here, as we explore Amputecht‘s latest musical effort, From the New World.

This album was first brought to my attention a few years back when it was initially recorded, but the audio didn’t go live until January 1st of this year. Now, you can buy it for just five bucks on Bandcamp, which is more than worth it, by the way. Spearheaded by Joe Brzozowiec, Amputecht is a fierce, technically savvy djent project, gravitating towards the more melodic end of the spectrum.

Dissecting this member by member, vocalist David Dickenson is simply fantastic. Vocally, the majority of the album is clean based, however Dave’s harsh range is nothing to smirk at. At times, the vocals delve into raspy, gritty tones while still carrying a melody. At other times, particularly during heavy, crushing instrumentals, Dave goes for broke with punishing gutturals and crisp, but shrill high screams.

Guitarist and songwriter, Joe “Broz”, kills it with his technical riffing and leads, intricate, driving rhythmic patterns and overall structuring. Live, Amputecht depends on backing tracks for both rhythm guitars and key/synth arrangements, all orchestrated by Joe (presumably), but generally, the band’s sound stays well balanced song for song. There’s definitely a master plan for each song, long before said song enters the practice space. Every note has its purpose, so to speak, throughout each heavy riff, lead and clean passage. Ambient, spacey sections are another thing this band does quite well in order to break up the monotony that a lot of “djent” bands seem to suffer from these days.

Getting to the backbone of Amputecht, bassist Justin Frost and drummer, Joe Musial (not a current member) are impeccable. These two are locked in so precisely, despite how demanding many of the rhythmic patterns on the album truly are. There’s a particularly impressive drum solo on track 7, “An Emotional Game of Tennis” that’s more than worth a listen.

Pick up your digital copy of From the New World on Bandcamp to experience the journey these gentlemen have crafted in the form of music. It’s also worth mentioning that this album was produced by Jamie King of Basement Studios, who’s done extensive work with Between the Buried and Me in recent years.

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