Ancalagon Release New Single – “The Hypnagogue”

44963692_2164972893521927_2584641624298487808_oAncalagon are a band I haven’t been able to shut up about for the last year and a half at least. They are a melodic black metal band of epic proportions from Rochester, NY. Two bands I’d most readily compare them to are Ablaze My Sorrow and Dissection. The riffs are melodic to the point where they’re almost orchestral, but you still get the heavy, gritty vibes of the Swedes who pioneered this great genre. The vocals are raspy, but with incredible diction, and the rhythm section is pure ferocity with no mercy intended. Recently, we were contacted about Ancalagon’s upcoming album, Noctopoth, the followup to their last full length masterpiece, 2017’s Gateway Specter. Follow these links and listen to the track below to be completely devoured by this band’s massive sound. They truly carry the weight of the insatiable black dragon they’re named for.

Getting back on track, it is our absolute pleasure to unveil Ancalagon’s brand new single, “The Hypnagogue”, via our SoundCloud. We’re told that a video for this tune is in the works, but for now, enjoy this sneak peek at what we can expect from the almighty Noctopoth, set to be released this April!

Ancalagon are:

Jody Roberts: Guitars
Brian Jackson: Guitar
Matthew Mitrovits: Vocals
John Malone: Bass
Joe Lionti: Drums


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