Under the Microscope: Dark Rites (USA, SWE, UK)


Founded in 2016, Dark Rites are a 3-piece extreme melodic metal studio project, with all three members currently residing in different countries. We were contacted by drummer and manager (USA) Randy Kaciak, when he was looking for reviews for the project’s debut full length, Welcome to Eternity, which was released in early December 2018. Right off the bat, in checking out the lyric video for the title track, I knew I was going to love these guys. Check it out below!

If you liked that, you’ll love all twelve songs on this monstrous album. You can tell that a lot of time and care was put into the songwriting and recording processes. While listening to the album, I chatted with Randy to get some brief background on the project. Randy said that he and guitarist/bassist Wojek Widuch (UK) have known each other for about twenty years. During that time, they’ve played many shows together in Europe in a handful of old bands (Carnivorous, Metal Madness and more). Then, when all was said and done with those projects in 2016, they started Dark Rites together with vocalist, Oskar Asfjall (SWE). The rest is history.

All three members agree that their main influences are Amon Amarth, older Arch Enemy, older Lamb of God and Judas Priest. It’s an interesting mish mosh of styles when you think about it. One might think that this combination would automatically lead a band down the path of melodic death metal, but frankly, there’s a lot more going on here. This is a great blend of classic heavy metal, modern melodic metal, and modern melodic thrash. Dark Rites are a very unique animal, and you need only check out Welcome to Eternity to experience that.

Check out the full album below via all these great platforms:








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