Business Reviews: BLACK DOTS

Although Record Theatre fell into the abyss, a handful of cool record stores have arisen in Buffalo to satiate our need for physical media. The digital age has crippled the music industry, but thankfully, stores like Music Matters, Hi-Fi Hits, Revolver Records, Record Baron, Jam Records, Frisb’z and Black Dots, just to name a few, are keeping us happy.

We went to Black Dots today for the first time. I’d only heard of the store a few weeks ago, so I was surprised to learn that it’d first opened in 2013. Size wise, it’s pretty standard for a corner record store, but considering the limited space, I was impressed with the metal selection. I saw many titles I didn’t expect in vinyl, CD and cassette. There’s also a hefty supply of DVDs there, representing most genres and many known and lesser known titles.

Another cool selling point of Black Dots is a fully stocked bar. Drinks are sold after 5pm, for those who need liquid courage to buy up new and used records and movies. I’ll definitely be journeying back from time and time again just to see what’s come in.

Shopping for music online is both quick and boring. I’ll never tire of going into brick and mortar stores for the sake of the full music purchasing experience of yesteryear.

Just today, I grabbed brand new, shrink wrapped cassettes of the Top Gun, Rocky IV and Karate Kid soundtracks, along with some cool local metal releases, underground black metal from across the country and much more. Do yourself a favor. If you’re a collector of vinyls, CDs, cassettes or DVDs, you’ll want to check this place out. They’re very reasonably priced and once again, you’ll be surprised at some of the titles you’ll find, no matter what kind of metal you enjoy. Naturally, the store caters to more than metal fans, but as we’re called The Metal, that’s what we discuss. I’m amazed I even copped to my love of ’80s movie soundtracks.

368 Grant Street
Buffalo, New York
Call (716) 725-0010

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