I’m not calling it “Coronavirus”, because I quit drinking months ago and I don’t want to be reminded of sub-par beer. Anyways, even though this topic has already been beaten to death, here’s a list of things patrons can do to help sidelined bands, as well as some ways that bands can help themselves:

  1. Bands – Go “Live” more often. Do play through videos, engage your fans, stream band practices, charge small amounts for private streams/”shows” etc.
  2. Patrons – Support your favorite bar/venues by buying gift cards for when all this blows over. If your favorite venue also does food takeout and delivery, buy their grub whenever possible.
  3. Bands – If you can afford it, slash your merch prices. Everyone is sitting at home, bored and staring at their phones right now. A lot of people are also losing hours or completely out of work. Cut your prices to just above cost on certain items and promote your new songs and cheaper merch on, you guessed it, a live stream.
  4. Patrons – A lot of your favorite overseas bands have to stay home now. Hit up your favorite bigger band’s merch store and show some love.
  5. Bands – Try going presale on your big return show. Every band on Earth (lol) should be promoting their BIG POST-COVID RETURN SHOW!
  6. Bands and patrons – Try keeping it light when talking about the virus. I know this sucks right now, but internet jokes help calm everyone’s cabin fever. Keep the memes and anti-COVID statuses coming.
  7. Bands and patrons – Message Eareckson Murray and tell him things like, “You have a nice ass”, “The Lair was a WNY staple”, “Victoria’s Secret models are jealous of your hair”, etc. Then, reach out to other people in the scene and compliment them on this or that in the same fashion. Let’s lift each other up. Just because we’re sitting at home, doesn’t mean life has to suck proverbial cocks and balls.
  8. Bands and patrons – Mike Shearer from Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon has done a lot for The Metal Webzine since the beginning. He’s one of the most supportive and reliable venue owners we’ve worked with and many people in the scene can say the same. Send him e-hugs, e-handshakes and e-high fives today.
  9. Bands and patrons – Since every band in the universe is rescheduling events right now, start e-communicating more. Keep each other informed about the COVID-CANCELLED METAL WORLD, (factual, verified information only), state regulations, venue re-openings, new show schedules and tours, etc. Getting the scene back on track is going to be very chaotic in the aftermath of this weird time. Let’s turn the scene into a well-oiled machine and help each other rebuild. Yes, it’s true that we may be looking at a Dystopian future. We may just be months away from living in the world of Mad Max. But since the odds are hugely against that, let’s stay optimistic. We have an opportunity to turn this crisis into an attendance resurgence. But… THE POWER IS YOURS!

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