This was the first song I heard this morning and I’ll be humming the chorus all day. Fight from Within are an up-and-coming metalcore band from Syracuse, NY, featuring Tykeese Breland on guitar (who will be one of the featured artists in our physical May 2021 issue).

Stylistically, it’s hard to complain about a band who successfully cover thirty years of metal evolution in a single song. What I mean by that is, this song would’ve worked in the ’90s, it would’ve worked in the 2000s, and yes, it works today. Each member of this project is proudly putting themselves on display. There is a ton of talent in Fight from Within across the board.

The intro/verse riffs are quite busy, offering tastes of modern metalcore, djent, progressive death metal, and more in just a few measures. However, that busyness factor hardly takes away from the stickiness of those riffs. The harsh vocals layered here are consistently powerful and demanding of the listener, but are then seamlessly followed by an extremely catchy clean vocal chorus with very unique chord progressions underneath.

But this is not to suggest the average modern metalcore formula with harsh verses and clean choruses. What makes Fight from Within stand out is their willingness to experiment and incorporate a wide array of very different metal influences in their sound. The band does this almost effortlessly and in a very organized fashion. Many multi-subgenre amalgamation bands fail to establish fluidity when fusing styles, but Fight from Within are prepared to show their proficiency in this philosophy with their debut single, “Self Rescue Mission”.

The song was recorded yesterday (4/25/21) at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, NY and will be available on all major streaming platforms very soon. It’s really nice to hear such a confidently diverse band springing up in the wake of the pandemic. Cheers.


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