Album Review: Diceros – Forced Extinction

If there is one thing the new Diceros album is packed full of, it’s nostalgia for this former nu metal savant. Not to say that Forced Extinction is a nu metal record by any stretch of the term, but buried deep within these hard-hitting songs is a serious look back at the more popular mainstream acts of the ’90s.

Sure, the Diceros boys of Buffalo, New York have maintained their heavy, driving, riff-oriented punch in the same vain as middle-of-the-road Lamb of God, but with new vocalist, Andrew Breton, on vocals, the band now carry a whole new brand of clean vocals intertwined with their usual harsh scream array.

Full clean vocal sections sprinkled over some monstrous modern metal chords volley with crushing low end coupled with a nice selection of varying mid-range screams. Forced Extinction is also a very niche record geared toward metalheads who fancy the mainstream accents of yesterday, combined with the modern metal grooves of today. And while this covers a wide range of potential fans, it also perfectly expresses that Diceros are sticking with a sound they want based on their influences.

I could be totally off the mark with this comparison, but even the name DRY KILL LOGIC floated through my brain during some of the transitions from clean back to harsh vocals. Sure, most of the bands I listened to in high school left my playlist LONG ago, but at the same time, it’s nice to hear a band from Buffalo staying true to their roots in a way that takes me back to that time period.

After taking in Forced Extinction I’m bound to come out with a newer appreciation for extended range guitars in modern metal, as well as revisit the scratched up CD-Rs from my formative years.

This was such a fun listen. The album drops tomorrow (8/14/21) Preorder below! Cheers!



Vocals: Andrew Breton

Guitars: Jay Kosiak

Guitars: Ryan Wilson

Bass: Jake Lodico

Drums: J.R. Geis

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