INVICTRA prove once again that the music made by the thrash legends (FFO: Testament, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax) of the ‘80s and ‘90s can still be refined, and more importantly, can stay relevant in 2021. Attacking you with a tornado of heavy riffs, searing solos, sticky melodies, and modern Trivum-esque clean vocals sprinkled around an onslaught of classic thrash yells and grunts, INVICTRA’s new album Of Flesh, Steel, and Stone is designed to pummel you into oblivion track by track. The songs that really stood out to me are “Enemy of Your State” (the whole band comes crashing in early on with a ridiculously heavy verse, the lead guitar melodies SCREAM beautifully, and the chorus melody is very infectious, masterfully layered on both vocals and guitar) and “Revenant”, a song that proves that less is more if you have tasteful songwriters composing your riffs and lyrics (just a straightforward, subtly brilliant way to end such an impressive album). I’d recommend Invictra to fans of the aforementioned bands, and also fans of the Gothenburg-era melodic death metal titans of the ‘90s (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates). For being a heavily westernized metal band, INVICTRA also incorporate plenty of juicy Euro-style melodies, harmonies, solos, and riffs just the same. And for being as “in the pocket” as this record is stylistically, it is also very eclectic when it comes to the nuances of what these dudes are playing. Three cheers for Of Flesh, Steel, and Stone and I can’t wait to hear more from this group.

Invictra are:

Josh Zalar- Vocals, Guitars
Alex Dunn- Bass
Dylan Thompson- Drums
Joe Lamoureux- Guitars

Pick up the new INVICTRA record at

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