Back in August, I was still on a spree interviewing different members of Tines. Naturally, September saw the release of our “All-Rhythm Edition” of the magazine, so I had to hit up Tines’ own personal beatbox, proficient drummer of many styles, Eddie Pearsall. Let’s get into it.

So, here we are, once again visiting Buffalo’s own one-of-a-kind, psychedelic, progressive rock experience: TINES. Some readers may find learning about this band a tad redundant, but since their formation, I’ve always considered this band something of a local supergroup – despite the fact that it is each member’s main project. In my opinion, everyone in TINES is worth interviewing, so naturally, Eddie Pearsall (drummer, the backbone of the entire operation), will be saying his piece in this all-rhythm edition of WRETCHED SOUND.

1. How long have you been playing drums? Follow-up: What was your first kit?

(1.) I’ve been playing drums since I was 2 years old <true story>. I watched my Dad play drums in church and once I would bang utensils like spoons and forks on my mom’s wicker baskets and pots and pans (laughs). Once I got to the age where I could play at church, my Dad would let me play drums at church and the rest is history.

2. List off the bands or artists that first inspired you to pick up a pair of sticks.

(2.) So actually, I grew up listening to a lot of Jazz and R&B via my uncles so besides playing in church, I listened to a lot of Jazz. So George Benson, Swing Out Sister, James Brown, Michael Jackson. The list can go on. Learned a LOT of pocket playing (staying in the groove) from listening to Clyde Stubblefield playing with James Brown. AMAZING groove.

3. How have your influences or inspirations changed over the years? Name the bands and artists you listen to the most today and why you love them so much.

(3.) Nowadays, I’m listening to all sorts of music for inspiration. I LOVE Windhand and I’m listening to a lot of Doom these days. In 2014 I discovered Djent and I started listening to a LOT of it. David Maxim Micic, Destiny Potato, Animals As Leaders, The Intersphere, all different types of music. Oh also Blotted Science. The riffs and chops are ridiculous (laughs). I love them so much because between the various bands, it depends on what I’m in the mood to listen to each day. Some days I want a masterclass clinic in drumming and sick chops, some days I want amplified worship in Windhand (laughs) and mellow doom chops. It all depends (laughs).

4. Talk about the gear you swear by. List off some brands, makes, models, etc. for heads, shells, hardware, sticks, pedals, etc. that you think all drummers need in their lives.

(4.) Wow so this is an interesting question….nowadays I don’t have any. I just play what I like now. If you were to ask what I personally preferred before? I would say Evans drum heads, Sabian Cymbals, and the list could go on. Nowadays I play whatever makes me happy. I used to be all about the goals of endorsing “X” brand but honestly, play what you love. Most things are all hype and people get caught up in the hype. I’ll play a CB kit and tune it up right and STILL get a decent sound out of it, I don’t care. Play what you love. Don’t let mainstream ideology dictate your playing choice.

5. How did you first come to join Tines?

(5.) (laughs) So, 2016 me and my boy Eareckson Murray were jamming at his place (The Lair) at the time, and we decided to go Live on Facebook. Unbeknownst to me, Glenn Szymanski (Tines) was watching and I had no idea he saw the video. So shortly thereafter, I get a message from him on Facebook asking if I was currently playing with anybody and he introduced himself to me and told me who he was and how he knew Eareckson and the sound he was specifically looking for in Tines and I fit the sound he was looking for. So actually it’s thanks to Eareckson that I even got discovered (laughs). So Glenn and I set up times to come rehearse just him and I and it was like that for 2 rehearsals and then afterwards I met the rest of the band and the rest is history.

6. What is the writing process like for Tines? Does Glenn bring the skeletal structures of the songs to the band room or is it a more collaborative experience?

(6.) Actually Glenn comes up with the ideas for Riffs, followed by Arrow and their ideas and we all formulate around it and Kelly writes the vocals. So I’ll hear the riffs and ideas, Mike will play on bass and me and him will lock in from that point. Glenn may occasionally ask for a certain rhythm on certain parts of a song and it’ll definitely make sense. We all “hear” differently and that’s how we formulate. Most of our new songs have come from 3/4 edits of original ideas just collaboratively adjusted based off what we all “hear”. Be it drums, bass pattern, keyboards from Arrow, or riff and transition ideas from Glenn.

7. What is the best part of being in a band for you? Is it the rush of the live show, the satisfaction of completing a song at practice, finishing an album in the studio, etc.?

(7.) Honestly for me, it’s the family aspect. ALL of these folks here in Tines are my legit family. Glenn and I have had our talks about life, what he’s been through, whether music related or non music related. Kelly has given me TONS of advice about life and even what she’s been through. Arrow has given me insight into things and they are WELL VERSED musically as well. Mike is a TRUE BROTHER. I could go into detail of how much he and his wife has helped me in the past but he’s not one for accolades. My band is true family though. To add to the question though, nailing songs and playing them live and the energy from live shows and people getting into the songs we worked hard for is the ULTIMATE thrill.

8. When you were younger and first getting into playing music, did you ever foresee yourself playing in a band like Tines?

(8.) (laughs) Man, if my Mother (rest her soul) had her way (laughs), I’d be playing in a church band somewhere (laughs). I grew up in a ULTRA religious household and my Mom was NOT having any secular music, much less Metal or Prog Rock etc. 2016 not only brought me into the local Metal scene, but also altered my life and mental state. Tines fits me perfectly. We’re all different in our personal lives and backgrounds and personal beliefs and it just works.

9. I’ve heard all sorts of comparisons and I’ve come up with some interesting ones myself for past articles. When you think of Tines, what other bands come to mind? Who do you think Tines could be most accurately compared to?

(9.) In the most humblest opinion of mine personally, musically we’re as weird as Arthur Brown, we have some songs akin to Black Sabbath vibes, we have some doom elements of some songs. It’s hard for even ME to categorize us (laughs). I feel like even though we are in the “Metal scene”, we’re not heavy enough to be strictly Metal, but not far out enough to not be in the conversation. I’ve seen us labeled online as “Prog Rock” and ok I’ll take that (laughs). Maybe in the beginning, but our recent batch of songs are DEFINITELY heavier I’ll say.

10. What’s the best advice you feel you could give to aspiring drummers who don’t know where to start?

(10.) My advice would be to NEVER EVER quit. DO NOT compare yourself to others either. Keep drumming, keep learning, and LEARN YOUR RUDIMENTS. Don’t go straight for double bass. I’ve seen it all too often. Buy yourself a practice pad and learn your rudiments. YouTube is your friend. Study the greats and watch them. It’s ok to play pocket and stay in the groove, not every song requires the kitchen sink. BIGGEST ADVICE that I’m going to give though, is to stay humble. I don’t care how long you’ve been playing or if you’re just starting out. There’s ALWAYS someone out there who can out chop you, who’s been playing longer. You can learn something from someone just starting out and someone who’s been playing 20 years. Always be willing to learn and no egos. Learn.

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