Mass Casualty have been slaying Buffalo with their brand of death metal for over ten years now. Bassist/Vocalist Chris Gooch is a titan of versatility in his own right, and I really wanted to showcase him for this all-rhythm edition. MC’s new album, Death Count will be out very soon. Venture over to YouTube and FB to hear the first few singles and watch some new lyric videos NOW.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, Chris is also a vocalist. So, for this interview, I’m amending the no singer-rule.

1. How long has the writing process for the new Mass Casualty album been going on?

1. Well, our new EP has been being gradually worked on since our last album, it’s been a long time coming and I’m very proud of all of these songs. “Divine Slaughter” in particular we actually wrote when Cody(ex lead guitar) was still in the band and we closed out our album release show with it. Truthfully, until Tom joined the band we hadn’t finished another song in the writing process but we had a few started and what became “Plutonium” also came from around then. So you could say it’s definitely been cookin’ awhile.

2. How did the album title, Death Count come about?

2. Death Count came from the title track. We didn’t really want it to be complicated or have some hidden meaning. Our songs are about brutal killings and the like and there’s no point in pretending otherwise. We liked the idea of something straightforward and thought that it made the most sense for a title out of all the songs on the record.

3. Talk a little about your side project with Tommy.

3. The side project with Tommy, aka Adelphophagy. I had the idea for the name for a few years and had never got around to it due to timing and such. I thought it would be fitting for just some insane brutal shit and we took a swing at it because we had some time to work with during peak pandemic, and just had fun with it. We hope to write and record more music for this project, but there’s definitely no timetable for that yet and I have high hopes that when new material is conjured from the depths of hell it’ll be even more brutal and wacky than the demo.

4. Who are your top death metal bass players and vocalists in the game today?

4. In death metal, there are quite a few exceptional vocalists and bassists that I like a lot. My favorite bassists are Nick Schendzielos (JFAC, Cephalic Carnage), Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (ex- Beyond Creation, First Fragment, Augury), and of course you can’t go wrong with Alex Webster. As for vocalists in death metal I am a big fan of Travis Ryan’s vocals, always pushing boundaries and a huge vocal range to be sure; as well as Sebastian from Cytotoxin for the same reason. There’s honestly a lot of death metal vocals that I really enjoy so this was tricky for me (laughs).

5. What band or song was it that first made you decide that death metal was going to be your go-to genre?

5. I wouldn’t say it was one particular song or band that kept me coming back to death metal because the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy the genre, there’s so many good bands. I will say this though, the first song I heard that was death metal was “Bloodlands” by Cannibal Corpse. After that I just had to keep finding more so maybe you could pin it on that after all (laughs)

6. A lot of killer new death metal is coming out in 2021. What albums are you most excited for?

6. Honestly I have not been as active with paying attention to a lot of new metal albums but I am stoked to hear some new Carcass for sure. New Cannibal Corpse is also pretty outstanding with Rutan.

7. My biggest gripe with slam is the monotony of a lot of the guitar riffs and overall vibes of the songs. List off a few slam bands that mix it up song structure wise. One thing I love about the new Vulvodynia is that they have subtle harsh/clean vocals layered in their choruses and slams that can be considered “riffs” or “hooks” on the upcoming album.

7. Yeah there are definitely droves of bands that are indistinguishable from one another in the genre but it can be tough to stand out when the style is such a niche to begin with. Coprocephalic, Abnormal Inhumane, and Suicidal Causticity are a couple bands I like a lot in the punishingly brutal side of things that I’d say are worth checking out.

8. Did you get any bass solos or sweet licks on the new Mass Casualty?

8. There are a few spots where the bass definitely stands out. My favorites to play are the interlude at the end of “A Gargantuan Mound of Putrid Flesh” and there’s a bit that sounds awesome with my fretless on “Human Error”. I also do some fun harmonics at the end of that song too. *pats own back*

9. Talk a little about your side project with Darren.

9. The side project with Darren is called Neckbeard and it is a cover band playing a range of hits from the 90s and 00s era. Its been a lot of fun jamming with the guys and I can’t wait to start playing shows. We did a video cover of “Somebody Kill Me, Please” from The Wedding Singer and that seemed to do really well and we had a lot of fun doing that so we may or may not be doing more things like that as well. Keep an eye out for all things Neckbeard!

10. Lastly, plug any news or shows you have incoming with any of your projects. Include links to any new music, etc.

10. I have music recorded with a few projects and I’m very happy about all of it! Of course Mass Casualty has two new videos and an EP which is set to release soon (date tba). The EP is called Death Count, was recorded by Nate White of 426 Audio and it’s fuckin’ heavy. As already mentioned: Neckbeard and Adelphophagy. That’s it for now! Of course, I also worked with you on the Derelict Crown stuff and that was really fun too!

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